Jivox- A Pioneer in Data Driven Advertising and Marketing


Advertising and marketing are the strategic aspects of any product or service. Without effective marketing and advertising of a product/service, one cannot sustain in their business. Effective advertising is needed for an important announcement or launch, as a source of revenue for publishers, helps in increasing the sales, creates consumer awareness and more. Both advertising and marketing go hand in hand and are the best tactics to communicate with the consumers.

Owing to the grave importance of effective advertising and marketing, Jivox was launched in India and other countries. Jivox is one of the pioneers in data driven advertising and marketing techniques that further includes programmatic creative advertising including display ads, app video and mobile displays for multiscreen ad campaigns.

Headquartered in California, with its presence worldwide in places such as New York and United Kingdom, Jivox caters to innumerable global brands and media agencies with its data driven dynamic ad platform in order to produce, serve and manage a variety of customized advertising campaigns. Since data plays a crucial role in creating campaigns, adjusting the brands, pricing, imaging and more, Jivox launched its flagship product known as Jivox IQ, which is the most preferred dynamic ad platform by numerous media firms, brands and creative agencies.


Jivox created its unique platform, Jivox IQ to feature inventions in big data architectures and complicated algorithms in order to deliver various analytics and optimisation capabilities. However, the company envisions expanding its board in order to double and strengthen their development team with the help of new capital and strategic guidance.

Apart from being the initial firm to deliver a true data driven dynamic ad development, Jivox is also known for pioneering the tools used for self-service creative and production that help in personalizing ads without the complications of the error prone process of manual code development. Some of Jivox’s marquee customer list consists of Charles Schwab, A&E Networks, Johnson & Johnson, Marriott and more. Following are insights of some of Jivox’s offered services;

  • Content Management System: Jivox offers up-to-date content management solutions with its creative assets that further help in the personalization and distribution of the data throughout the screens.
  • Dynamic Ad Server: Jivox’s services seamlessly collaborate with the content management system in order to offer programmatic creative ads with flawless viewability on screens.
  • Data Engine: The data engine feature of Jivox assimilates the external data with the campaign metadata and analytics in order to enhance the ad personalization that will further simplify the campaign management technique.
  • Studio: Jivox’s studio feature eliminates the need for manual coding and instead lets the ad developers to generate programmatic creative ads within an innate design edge.

Jivox was founded by Diaz Nesamoney in order to cater to its users with seamless mobile advertising, advertising, web development and marketing automation. The company was founded in the year 2007 and raised 6 rounds of funds between the year 2008 and 2016. In 2008, the company raised a Seed funding amount of $2.7 million, the same year they raised a Series A funding amount of $10.7 million from Opus Capital. In 2010 the company raised $4 million, and in 2011, it raised about $8.2 million from Fortisure Ventures. This was followed was a Series C funding of about $5.8 million by Fortisure Ventures and $6 million of Series D funding from You & Mr Jones Brandtech Ventures. Some of the company’s investors include Carl Showalter, Ashish Gupta, Megha Subramanian and Mani Subramanian.


According to one of its investors, he is highly interested in the entire concept of the machine-generated creativity due to the fact that it resolves the problem of showcasing the users with unnecessary advertisements and messages. It is very obvious that users dislike hearing about brands that they’re least interested in, and therefore Jivox acts as a saviour to them by merging data and technology that is further personalized with only the relevant information, to countless users

Talking about the minds behind the startup, Diaz Nesamoney is the Founder, President and CEO of the company. Daniel Green is the Vice President of the Agency Sales, Robert McConnell is the Vice President of Client Services, Naren Nachiappan is the Managing Director, Ranjit John is the VP and Ketaki Rao is the Vice President.

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