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Every morning you wake up with a dilemma as to what to wear and showoff for rest of the day. Dressing up smart, classy, swag, cool, beautiful, charming or sexy matters a lot!! At least one of the kind does. It is a fact that a person is twice more confident when they are dressed well and are satisfied with the way they look. To boost up your confidence in dressing well, ask your fashion bestie Shopwati.

Shopwati is an E-commerce platform by Gurgaon-based Prachalit Infomedia Pvt Ltd, being India’s first of its kind to give and guide you to the right fashion. It provides you with exclusive Stylists, Designers, Bloggers, Brands, and other fashion lovers. Shopwati resolves all its customers queries with the best fashion solution. Solutions in terms of imparting selective clothes that suit you, directing you to find the right brand for the right occasion and so on.

The Phenomenal behind this fad

Mehak Suri, the co-founder and COO of Shopwati, completed her B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Oxford Brookes University and MBA in Marketing and HR from Infinity Business School. She started as a Guest Service Manager in Radisson Edwardian for a year, moved on to Retail Sales Manager at Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces for another year or so. Then she moved to 5By7 as Sales Account Manager for over 2 years and 9 months. And 2015 was a soaring year for Mehak and Ankit with a trendy idea of fashion provider, Shopwati.

Ankit Bajaj, the CEO and Co-founder of Shopwati, holds a degree in Bachelor of Business Management, Marketing, Supply Chain and Operations from the Oxford Brookes University. He started his career with Radisson where he worked as an Analyst for a year. Later, he worked as a Strategy Analyst at Digitas Classic for about 11 months. In 2009, Ankit came up with a “ask anything” mobile platform called AskBirbal, where customers could ask any question through their mobile which would be answered with an SMS. After two glorious years being a founder and promoter, he moved on to be the Strategy Advisor at a NGO called Khushii. Ankit did not stop with just AskBirbal, but with support from Mehak, brought another creative venture Shopwati to sunshine. Since then, Shopwati has been building the best fashion network for the community.

Funds raised by the fashion hub

Shopwati raised an undisclosed amount as seed fund from Sanjiv Raj of SRKK Advisors. The funds raised are planned to be used for the next level of technology which would build a stronger team and reach a large number of customers.

What does Shopwati actually do?

Is it just that you buy a product? No! When it comes to dressing up, women are very particular about everything that they wear and carry with them, from the clothes to their accessories, shoes, bags and the slightest details in cosmetics. It’s always the “best look” that they want. On all occasions like parties, hanging out, traditional events, important meetings, birthdays, anniversaries and lot more, it is a big deal to look fantabulous. They always want to look better than “that girl” in their life. Most of the women always have the problem of choosing the right attire for the right event. Some of them are inspired by outfits of celebs on screen and wish to look the same. Shopwati helps you with all of this and at the right place. Shopwati is a lot different from other fashionable websites. It enriches your idea on the latest suitable trends to give you regular to stunning looks.

A boon to all

The brands can get exposure in all categories of their products, the stylists can enhance their styling skills and come up with more creative ideas on the flow, the designers have better opportunity online, the vendors have better sales and we users to get that compliment like “aww, your looking beautiful in that pretty dress”, “ oh my god, sexy shoes”, “is that a designer collection?”, where, on the inside you are like ‘yeah! rock n roll’ and on the outside you carry yourself with that flawless attitude.

What does the COO say?

“Most women know what they will wear for a particular wedding/event two months later; what they don’t know is where to buy it from, and we see that as a huge opportunity. On Shopwati, thousands of vendors respond to queries of users looking for clothes, makeup, accessories, footwear or gift ideas”

Present and the future of Shopwati

Shopwati professed crossing a GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) up to 1.5 crore in just about six months of its functioning. In a day Shopwati resolves 300 queries. It currently facilitates with 55000 and above community members to serve its users. This has been helping thousands of customers and will be increasing the level of customer satisfaction too.

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