Amigobulls: An Analytical Brain behind Every Investors Decision

Have you ever thought of investing into stock market or buying popular stocks listed on NASDAQ and NYSE? And the answer probably is a big “YES”. But usually, when it comes to investing our hard earned money in stocks, we take a back step with a fear of getting losses and / or for many other reasons. These reasons include the lack of appropriate information and insights into the market. This is the common problem that every investor faces in modern days while investing into stocks of different companies in the stock market. Amigobulls, a startup, is here to solve this very problem of many who have money as well as an intention to invest into stocks but fails to do so.

An inside Story

Founded in year 2013, Amigobulls Inc., a financial media company, provides financial news for investors worldwide, specializes in providing stock analysis in the form of videos. The company currently has its presence in Palo Alto, California with a location in Bangalore, India. The startups begin its journey with their short videos as the key differentiator now focusing on the personalization, as its sees future in that.

Amigobulls Inc. strives to solve the problem of information overload in the financial media industry. The team at Amigobulls is committed to helping investors get actionable insights on the stocks they follow, and built its platform keeping the individual investor in mind. Taking into consideration all the fundamentals of a stock, its daily price movement, and the key news impacting it, the company provides its analysis of stock in the form of short, personalized, daily updating videos for the investors helping them be up to date about their stocks.


Consisting of technology and finance experts, the founders at Amigobulls brought in unique insights into different aspects of their business and offerings.

Chandu Sohoni, a co-founder and CEO, is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and a technologist, who possesses years of experience and knowledge of creating successful companies. Prior to Amigobulls, he was founder and CEO of Newshunt, a mobile news media company which was acquired by Verse Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

Poorna Nayak, co-founder and director, heads the operations, partnerships & traffic acquisition efforts at Amigobulls, was an early team member of the Newshunt team, India’s largest mobile news app with multi-million active user base.

Mandeep Makkar is also a co-founder and heads the technology team here who has experience of creating high-traffic websites. She has a decade of experience into spanning product development, and start-up experience in media, music and education space along with extensive experience in conceptualizing, designing, developing and managing web applications.


The company has raised an undisclosed amount, in September 2015 as a part of seed funding through LetsVenture and utilized the same into building mobile platforms and strengthening its network of video bloggers. The company is happy to have investors that include some of the greatest minds from the Angel Investment and financial technology industry. As per the company sources,  LetsVenture, an online platform for startups and investors to facilitate angel and seed investments, provided Amigobulls an opportunity  to reach out to a specific set of investors who will bring in great value during the early stages of this venture.

Not just a news provider


Amigobulls provides deep analysis on popular stocks listed on NASDAQ and NYSE to help investors in taking unbiased investment decisions apart from providing them only the news. The firm uses big-data technology to provide investors with automatically generated analysis videos for thousands of popular stocks listed on NASDAQ and NYSE. It is the source of the most relevant information and analysis on technology sector.

For every investor, who wants to invest in technology stocks, Amigobulls becomes a platform that provides high-quality, independent news and analysis videos. Not only the videos provided by Amigobulls, one can find many other very interesting user contributed videos which provide unique perspective about stocks and their trends. Based on fundamental analysis and technical analysis, it also offers stock picks from internet industry to the investors.


The new age investors have a clear preference for multimedia content as they rarely have enough time to read long analysis reports. Amigobulls is an expert in providing media rich stock analysis with actionable insights to the investors. After the initial struggles in understanding US consumer behavior and introducing innovative ideas including the presentation of financial analysis in short video format, the startup is now focusing on personalization aspect to be more precise on its offering. The company has also enabled financial analysts to create video blogs using their charts and videos to provide investors more concrete information about the stock and other relevant issues. This will help every investor to gain knowledge about a particular stock that he / she is going to buy. And after giving a due consideration to few alternatives and analyzing the trends of the market, the investor can decide about investing in that particular stock.

Based on the foundations of honesty, integrity, and simplicity, the team here at Amigobulls is trying its best to find more concrete solutions to the investors and it is company’s passion for technology and stock market that drives them to solve the problem for its global audience.

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