Chitter- Chatter your Time Away with Chikoop for Free!

Chitter-chatter, jibber-jabber, tittle-tattle or tete-a-tete; call it whatever you want, verbal communication is what makes us human beings different from animals. Communication among human beings is one of the key aspects of socializing or connecting with like minded people. Fortunately, with the evolving technology today, we have uncountable ways to communicate through various platforms via gestures, in writing, or even verbal communication.

Unlike before, the mobile phone penetration in almost all the countries has reached to the depth, wherein each and every one can easily own a smartphone today. Adding to the icing on the cake, are the affordable prices and contemporary features and designs of a phone. This has further resulted in easier and innovative forms of communication. A majority of us solely depend on the mobile applications today to communicate with our family and friends. Owing to the increased dependency on the mobile applications, one such app called Chikoop was introduced.


What is Chikoop?

As the name hints, Chikoop is a mobile app that lets one connect to anyone around the world for free of cost. This unique initiative was launched to be in queue with the Indian Government’s Digital India Campaign concept, wherein each and every Indian can connect to their near and dear ones through the Chikoop free call facility. Usually, a majority of the communication apps or platforms either charge individuals to communicate or require the usage of mobile internet. Chikoop is one such app that not only offers free calls, but also lets one make free calls without using the internet.

The vision behind the launch of Chikoop was to regularize the capability of the users in order to connect and express themselves, irrespective of their identity, their location and financial status. Chikoop is known to be India’s first free calling service app that does not require internet. Furthermore, the app aims at connecting about 120 crore Indians with its technology. Also, since India is a diversified country with different ethnicity, Chikoop’s free calling feature will allow them to come together as compatriots who speak different languages and share similar values. Chikoop’s team also looks forward to gather all the Indians under one platform, wherein they can express themselves without any restrictions.

How does the concept of Chikoop work?

Chikoop’s Targeting Marketing Platform is mobile phones. Chikoop lets various advertisers place ads in prioritized manner on the phone app that is used without the usage of internet, while the registered Chikoop users make free calls all over the world. Just like every brand that begins with creating an online campaign, targeting the appropriate audience and planning on the required budget, Chikoop was initiated in these lines.

The Chikoop app is available on all the android platforms. However, Chikoop’s services can also be availed from a non-android platform by giving a missed call to 1800-4200-786. As a user, one has to register himself/herself on the Chikoop android app before calling anyone. However, the non-android users who give a missed call to the given number will receive a call back from the Chikoop server. Once the call from the server is received, the user must enter the desired phone number and go ahead with the free call.

How is Chikoop Favorable to its Advertisers?

Like mentioned earlier, Chikoop gives the advertisers an opportunity to showcase their ads on the Chikoop platform. Following are the advantages an advertiser is granted with while placing his ads on the app;

  • Increased Accessibility: An advertiser who places his/her ads on the Chikoop platform can have increased accessibility of his brand. One cannot have an increased reach of is brand with the traditional methods.
  • Targeted Marketing: The Chikoop platform lets an advertiser to target their audiences with their advertisements according to the demographic and psychographic traits.
  • One-to-one marketing: With the Chikoop platform, an advertiser can have greater recall and increased audience engagement.
  • Performance measurement: When the advertisers post their ads on the platform, they can measure the real-time performance and manage a dynamic campaign as well.
  • Budget Flexibility: The advertisers can flexibly manage their budget, alongside planning and allocating the resources for their campaigns.


The Founders of Chikoop:

Chikoop was founded by Sudhanshu Goyal and Neeraj Sharda.  Talking about Sudhanshu’s educational background, he has completed his B.E., in Civil Engineering from Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya.

 What are the services offered by Chikoop?

Apart from offering free calls, Chikoop also has a set of other services;

  • Chikooplay: One of the most eye-catching and affordable advertising solution for your brand. Chikooplay designs ad campaigns to connect unfamiliar brands with each other, with the use of contemporary technology.
  • Chikoopay: Chikoopay is India’s first personalized Bluetooth connected smart card that merges all the credit cards, debit cards and gift cards of an individual in just a single card. It is not only simple to use, but is also user-friendly, secure, instant and is time-saving.
  • Celgram: A personalized messenger that is not only secure, but also sports higher speed, does not use the internet and supports national security.
  • Ciao: A platform where consumers can give honest reviews.
  • Cinsio: A contemporarily designed social app that allows anyone to communicate easily.
  • Cnergize: It allows anyone to recharge their mobile phones, DTH and Datacards on the go.
  • Other services offered by Chikoop are Plazmatio and 8Hoarding.

Chikoop is headquartered in Indore and has received an undisclosed amount of Seed funding.

Chitter- Chatter your Time Away with Chikoop for Free!
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