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Gifts are very precious and they are a symbol of love and care. There are many ways we can give gifts to people but giving gifts which are prepared by us or customized by us is something trending these days. It is said that receiving a personalized gift gives immense happiness to the receiver, and that the person who gave it to them put a lot of thought into the gift, and that it was meant for them to feel special. Usually, it is observed that we are likely to keep a personalized gift longer than a non-personalized gift.

We get all kinds gifts outside in many stores but to make a specialized or personalized gift is not an easy task because we need special skills and it takes lot of time to prepare one.  We are leading a busy schedule where we can’t give a lot of time for crafting a gift. The problem arises when we go for printing, even if we create one with great difficulty. It is a big task to find a good printer who is lending his service at a reasonable price.

In order to do away with this problem, Print Venue has introduced a new concept of giving an individual the power to customize their gifts, then print their article and deliver it to anyone at any part in India with just a click.


Idea behind the inception of Printvenue

CEO, Bipin Narang, had worked with a printing company where he observed how the company works and what are the places customers are looking for services in. He found that people are struggling in two things; first being the customization of gifts. It is not so easy to create a design, which needs an idea about software and have skills. The second is printing. Once someone designs or customizes gifts, they face a problem in printing it or either face a problem in finding a printer. After the invention of internet, it might be easy to catch a printer but they do have their own demands before taking it for print. They either charge a large sum of money or ask us to order minimum of certain (usually Rs. 50 or 100) so that they can take the order.

How does it works

Bipin observed closely, how printing organisations work and came up with a unique idea and prepared a business model, where one can customize their gifts or files. They just have to visit the website and can select any item which they like. They have thousands of collection. One can choose the item what they like and order for print or they can customize the item. Even the one who don’t have any idea about designing and software can customize their items. It is very simple. Choose an item and customize it by drag and drop kind of experience. All this process eliminates to chase multiple printers for multiple products.

The man behind Printvenue and expansion of business:

The company is based out of Gurgaon which is set-up by Saurabh Kochhar, and started its operations in July 2012. Bipin Narang (CEO and Co-Founder) has an experience of around 18 years and has worked in different fields like advertising, media, telecom, and before coming to print venue he was part of printing industry. It was a similar business but they have much smaller portal. Here, he understood how a printer works and understood that there are some backdrops in printer’s current business model. Rocket internet has reached him and asked him to replicate this sector in India. It was a quite big challenge for Bipin Narang to take this forward. However, he has taken the challenge and running the company successfully. It has reached to number one position and also became best print destination for customers.

What made Printvenue very successful?

In larger cities there are number of printers where you can choose printer and have access to printers where as in smaller cities you still won’t be having access to printers so you don’t have to look for the printers, instead you can concentrate on running business or doing your works and daily tasks. They will happily solve all the problems of sorting, customizing and shipping the product where ever you are.

Usually it takes around 3-5 days for delivering after one uploads their picture or file on their website. They do background check, quality check for file before it goes for printing and the time taken for manufacturing and shipping is usually 3-5 working days. They work with best logistic partners in the country, typically with pin code they can deliver in 5 working days which includes customization and manufacturing.

The USP of Printvenue is that, they can able to give one product, it may be one T.shirt or one printed mug, one key chain or one pack of business card etc… Most printers or business doesn’t want you as a customer just because you need one quantity but Printvenue is very happy to serve you even if you want one quantity.

Customer base:

At present, a little over 80 percent of the company’s business comes from operations in India. The international business pie might swell to as much as 50 percent over four to five years. They focus not only gifts or individuals but also take bulk orders and wok with corporate and provide services to them as well.

Revenue and Growth:

Printvenue.com focuses on both B2B and B2C segments and also generates revenue from almost half each. It is showing two digit (almost 15%) month-on-month growth and it is delivering around 75000-80000 items. They had a milestone to hit 1000 products per day when they started Printvenue.com. However, they are able to reach 2000 plus products in a day, which is after reaching the first milestone they have a plan to touch revenue of $2 billion in next 4-5 years.

They recently expanded their operations to Singapore and Australia and doing well there also. In next 12 months they have planned to expand operations to another 10-12 countries. In long run their vision is to become one-stop destination for all printing needs around the world.


Last year (2015 January) it has raised $4.5 Million Series-B funding from Asia Pacific Internet Group which is a joint venture of Rocket Internet and Qatar-based telecom player Ooredoo.

Bipin Narang says “their best asset is their employers and the team. We face problems on the daily basis but we keep our mind calm and try to have flexibility around us. We use the team combined knowledge rather than trying to solve everything by oneself. This is very important while facing the problems. We face problems but our team solves it properly. Having a good and motivated team which believes in company is a best insurance any company can have at the time of black swan incident”.

Customise Your Gifts with PrintVenue
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