Discounts exclusively on CASHKARO!!

The word “discount” is a treat to the ears of all the regular shoppers. How exciting is it to avail various discounts on various products? And wouldn’t that be even more exciting if it’s from your favorite online destinations! How cool is it when a part of your payment for a particular  purchase is given back to you. The discounts will indeed make your shopping experience more adventurous to find out the best prices. Our eyes always scroll through for more quantity, with the best quality at a lesser price. Cashkaro.com facilitates for this idea.

Cashkaro.com is an online initiative to get discounts, coupons, and cash-backs. Based in Gurgaon, it is India’s prodigious site where one can find other E-commerce giants to shop from, like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon.in, Myntra, Paytm, Jabong, Shopclues, and so on. The members of Cashkaro can estimate various prices about all the brands and save the extra bucks. The affiliate method of cashback has set itself apart from other competitors.

Swati Bhargava the Co-founder founder of Cashkaro, along with her husband Rohan Bhargava gave this intriguing idea. Swati Bhargava , alumni from the London school of Economics and Political Science, graduated in the year 2005. She started working with Goldman Sachs for the Investment Banking sector for 4 years and worked under the executive office for 1 year. After which, with their entrepreneurial skills, the couple came up with the money saving platform called Pouring Pound in UK and India in 2011. Pouring pounds systematized platforms of reward and cashback for many other large organizations. They handle 5 websites in UK which again deals with cashback and vouchers. In 2013, cashkaro.com made a landmark in India and has created its empire in the sector of cashback.

Cashkaro received a seed funding by angel investors of $750,000 in the year 2013. Soon after attaining a major role in the Indian market on cashback, Cashkaro raised a fund of Rs.25 crore in 2015 from a capital venture firm,  Kalaari Capital. The fund raised was used to increase the recognition level. The Tata Sons Chairman Emeritus, Ratan Tata invested an undisclosed amount in Cashkaro, for their outstanding performance creating a footprint in Indian E-commerce market. As for now, Casjkaro is planning to grow across borders to South East Asia with a part of the fund.

When we shop at the retail stores, there are high chances of missing out on a lot of offers because of the difficulty in the physical movement to all the brand stores. But with Cashkaro, one can find all the brands and its exclusive coupon offers online. Moreover, he or she gets a 30 percent discount while shopping through Cashkaro. Cashbacks in stores are mostly for specific brands or for a specific product and figuring out the brand or a product which gives cashback is stressful and frustrating, whereas, cashkaro simplifies this situation for you and provides you with brands and products with coupons for cashback. The brands for coupons does not consist of only Indian brands but includes International brands too, for which Rohan and Swati are increasing to bring in 50 global brands. The restaurant coupon offers through Cashkaro puts delight to hearts for last moment planners.

No more asking for discounts at the stores on your wish-list-purchase when Cashkaro is providing you with discounts and helps you earn extra money by not wasting time at wrong sites.

The procedure to join Cashkaro is as simple as it looks and does not require any payment to get an account. Just login to your Cashkaro account, search on your favorite online shopping destination like you always do but through Cashkaro only, Cashkaro receives its commission for sales and simultaneously you, the customer can get  a cashback from Cashkaro. Cashkaro has yet another motivating feature where they convey their regards to its customers by giving you a 10% bonus for lifetime, when you invite a friend or family to shop through Cashkaro.

Cashkaro is a boon to Indian market not only to its customers but also to the retailers who can post their updates of new arrivals and reach out to people so that they have better advertising experience, to which they would receive a better scaling in sales. According to few estimated facts, it is proved that sales have been improved with such a method.

Working with more than 1000 online brands, Cashkaro has achieved a huge number of registered users of about 10 lakh members and is aiming to raise its merchandise value to reach Rs.1000 crores. It has won hearts of its customers by crediting Rs.30 crore for its customers as cashback.

Lafa lafa, GoPaisa, Pennyfull are other portals with cashback facility. But Cashkaro stands above all these companies with the cutting edge of affiliation practice with numerous famous shopping websites.


Discounts exclusively on CASHKARO!!
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