EduRev, the YouTube for Educational Documents is Taking Indian Education to the Next Level

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The Marriage of Education and Technology – A Perfect Match

Gurgaon based educational startup, Education Revolution (EduRev), is according to Kunaal Satija (the founder of EduRev), more of a vision than an idea. It began with the motive of bringing technology into the tech-deprived Indian education scenario. The idea was to bring in a first-of-its-kind revolution. Kunaal added, “We say it is more of a vision because even though the idea or the means to achieve it changed, the central theme or the fire to bring a change through EdTech remained.”

What started off with selling ERP to schools with an undying passion is now a prestigious platform for both teachers and students to share notes, thus building a common crowdsourced educational library for all. As Kunaal rightly puts it, “To put it in an analogy, a YouTube for documents of Indian Education.”

EduRev – An Inspiration to Many

EduRev is the perfect example of the proverb failure is the stepping stone to success. Kunaal explains the reason, It always appears that success is overnight but we have slogged for quite a bit before reaching the present point. Before starting with the present model of EduRev, I had started another company where we were selling ERP to schools. Though we had to close that down, a large part of my learning about the EdTech sector came from that.”

EduRev has two success mantras-

  1. Learn from failure
  2. Have the fire/passion to change

The startup was back with a bang after facing failure only to tame the untameable Indian Education.

Challenges Faced and Lessons Learnt – The Journey So Far

The road to success was never easy for this startup but it is through the challenges faced and the lessons learned from them formed the genesis of their first business model. Initially, the teachers, even the ones who liked the idea were apprehensive for sharing content for free. Their logic was simple – they work hard for something, so it cannot be given for free. This became the genesis of the first model, a crowdsourced marketplace for courses of Indian Education. In order to build the structure, the founders started working closely with the teachers and as it happens, after spending a decent amount of time being entrepreneurs, they got into the knack of solving problems.

As Kunaal explained, “While building initial courses with teachers for selling on our platform, we started solving other problems we could for them via intervention of IT. And from one thing leading to another, we built up a complete SaaS based white label solution for teachers which solved the in house problems of institutions. After that, the teachers were testing their students on our platform, using our algorithms to analyse students automating things which required personal attention before. They started getting almost futuristic replacing printing and distributing of papers by sharing notes via the EduRev app and web platform. And even auto generated reports and notifications were going to parents and students via emails and SMS.”

Within a year of its inception, EduRev had over 40,000 registered students along with 70,000+ docs, videos and tests available online. The site has got over 2,00,000 hits a month with total hits crossing 1.5 Million till date. According to Kunaal, “We have 300+ teachers registered and also have 25+ institutions who have purchased our SaaS based White Label Platform. This has been our journey and story so far.”

Cosmos of courses

Cosmos of courses


Funds and Expansions

EduRev was initially backed and funded by Jaarvis Accelerator. Currently, they are in the process of raising a Pre Series A round to prove profitability of each model. Recently, they were joined by Pradeep Reddy Kamasani, an investor from Hyderabad Angels. With his help, EduRev has plans to expand in South India.

With more funding coming on way, the startup has plans to launch new products like Tab Based Solution similar to Kindle but focused on Indian Education. Also, on the way is a custom white label solution for schools using the underlying technology of EduRev.  With all these and many more, the future looks very bright for this new startup.

Knowing the Founders

EduRev has two founders; Kunaal Satija and Hardik Dhamija

Kunaal Satija is the Founder and CEO of EduRev. He is primarily an educational entrepreneur who had worked briefly with a couple of MNCs and a FinTech startup as well before putting on his entrepreneurial hat. He is a tech- enthusiast who is passionate about ideas, ideas that disrupt.  He has done his IT engineering from Punjab University. He is also a Serial Entrepreneur in EdTech who sold ERP solutions to schools. He blogs at enraging fire, and is a guest blogger for some international tech blogs as well.

Hardik Dhamija is the Co-founder and COO of EduRev. He wears many feathers on his cap- a district topper, an RJ, a published novelist, and an IT Engineer from Punjab University. He blogs at lifeiscurry.

Future Perspectives

Having a future plan is the survival strategy of every company. EduRev, likewise has big plans too. Currently, the company is helping teachers and institutions adopt technology to make their jobs simpler; but in the not-so-distant future, it aims to make basic education for each and every core of the Indian Education Field free and accessible to all.  After all, education is no more confined to classrooms alone in this age of technology; and given that the founders are both passionate about technology and are always brimming with ideas, it comes as no surprise then that they want to be the harbingers of change that was unheard before- to build the most engaging Educational Network where students and teacher connect over ideas, learning material and courses.

EduRev, the YouTube for Educational Documents is Taking Indian Education to the Next Level
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