Feast on Scrumptious Meals while on your Train Journey with KhanaGadi

Traveling by train while being seated by the window where one can view lush green patches of fields and rocky mountains amidst lakes and rivers is always fascinating. While most of us fancy the thought of traveling by train, not all of us are always happy with the food served available during our journey. We either pack our food from home or simply buy/ eat it at one of the stations; however, during most of our train journeys, the food is available only at stations and not inside the train. But, what if we can order delicious and hygienically cooked food while on a train? Wouldn’t that be a great idea?

In order to serve tasty meals of better quality while on a train journey, KhanaGadi was launched in Jaipur.


What is it?

KhanaGadi.com is one of the unique portals that offers a wide variety of foods, including regional foods to its customers who are traveling by train. All a user needs to do is download the KhanaGadi app on his smartphone and order his desired food with just a button tap.  The food offered by KhanaGadi varies across various cuisines; ranging from Jain food to South Indian, Punjabi, Mughlai, Bengali etc.

How does the service work?

Once the user places an order through the KhanaGadi app or the web portal, he can choose his desired meal from across various cuisines right from his seat. KhanaGadi has a set of talented food designers who have created a delicious food platter that can be offered in trains. The app envisions catering to its users with healthy and rich foods either on their train journey or at their home. This start-up further has a wisely designed and pre-portioned food menu ranging from snack, meals, main course and breakfast items for its customers in train. There are about 25000+ food items available for train travelers, with zero processing fees.

KhanaGadi also offers the option of a-la- Carte menu apart from its pre-portioned meal option.  KhanaGadi’s services are available across 150 stations and on more than 6000 trains. The key focus of this venture is the delivery and logistics procedures that use the Six Sigma certified concept to help achieve the maximum strike rate to the passenger’s seat on train journeys.

To order food from their train seat, the user must either order from the website- www.Khanagadi.com or simply give a call to the customer care numbers-9667216000/9667262000. One can also Whatsapp or prebook their order while on a train journey. Once the order is placed among more than 2000 menus, the user can also track the order by clicking on the ‘track order’ button. KhanaGadi’s order tracking feature ensures to make the customer’s experience more comfortable. Apart from tracking the order online, the user can also track his order offline that display details such as the pick-up time, the time taken to prepare the food, the time taken to dispatch the item and the time taken to deliver the order.

Apart from the above ways to track the order, a user can also track his order by entering the PNR number of his train, along with the particular station, meal on seat service option and the vendor. Currently, the venture caters to only the train food section delivery, and is planning to launch its doorstep food delivery service sooner. Not just this, they are also planning to launch their services to even bus passengers in the near future.

Some of the popular stations that KhanaGadi offers its services include Kanpur, Lucknow, Nagpur, New Delhi, Guwahati and Rourkela among others. Talking about the payment, the user can either pay online or through COD from their seat.  Also, the KhanaGadi app can be downloaded on any android platform with ease.


How did the inception of KhanaGadi take place?

Launched in the year 2015 by a set of industry professionals who acquired an experience of more than 23 years in various sectors, KhanaGadi is one of the exceptional ventures to cater to the food delivery system in trains. The venture’s Customer Support Center and the Data Lab are situated in Jaipur. In order to enhance their services, the venture is further working towards providing more inclusive solutions in the food delivery system.

Their vision is to serve more than 1000 meals every day in more than 300 stations, along with detailed planning of a variety of food delivery models in urban areas.

Talking from the business perspective, KhanaGadi offers opportunities to food catering vendors and chefs who can fill in their details online and get started with their business through their portal.

 Who are the minds behind the launch of KhanaGadi?

KhanaGadi was founded by Amit Deep Kumar who is also the CEO. He is popularly known as ‘The Archer’ in the team for his careful planning, dedicated business approach, multitasking while considering the objective, along with precise fund raising, marketing, managing finance and process stabilization. He has always been passionate about facing new challenging ideas that he can implement in his venture. He holds 18 years of experience in multiple sectors and has previously worked with giant brands such as; Reliance Retail, McDonalds, Jubilant Retail and Manipal Health Systems among others.

Other co-founders of the team include; Sunil Kumar Awasthi, who is also the COO of the company, and Rakesh Gupta, who is also the CTO of KhanaGadi. Talking about Sunil, he is popularly known as the ‘Chief Designer’ of the company, and is known for his designing work on the food options for train travelers. He is the key person who finalizes on what goes on the menu along with creative packaging food solutions. He comes with more than 45 years of culinary experience from all the leading major brands, flight kitchens and food retail chains. Previously, he has worked with Reliance Retail, Welcome Group, Hilton and Oberoi among others. ‘

Talking about Rakesh Gupta, he is known for managing the technology team at KhanaGadi. He strives towards creating innovative technical solutions to ensure that the technical mainframe is effectively put across to make the user’s experience convenient. This will help in seamless communication between the consumers, vendors and the KhanaGadi team. His earlier work experience includes the innovation of some of the coolest tech products in India and other countries.

Feast on Scrumptious Meals while on your Train Journey with KhanaGadi
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