From Professional Plumbers to Wedding Photographers and more- UrbanClap has Everything for you!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could pamper ourselves with an array of beauty services at our doorstep, or throw a party for our little one’s birthday or on any occasion effortlessly with professional help? It is very rare that we get to hire trusted local professionals in a jiffy at the tap of a button. Also, since every home calls for regular maintenance, hiring handymen for our daily local services can sometimes become an arduous task.  But now with UrbanClap around, we can avail innumerable local services such as yoga trainers, dietitians, music teachers, plumbers, electricians and more with just a button tap.


UrbanClap and its Concept:

Like the name suggests, UrbanClap is an online platform that caters to all our urban needs with just a tap, via its mobile app. Started in the year 2011, UrbanClap is headquartered in Delhi, India. What makes UrbanClap’s services significant is the fact that it enables its users to search and avail any kind of local service through professional and reliable help. Furthermore, the founders of UrbanClap aim to be one of the to-go platforms that will help its consumers in achieving projects that are desirable in their contemporary life.

Unlike earlier times, our urban life today demands an array of up-to-the-minute daily life needs. Henceforth, the existence of a portal like UrbanClap is mandatory for survival today. Like mentioned earlier, the app takes care of all the daily needs through their professional and reliable handymen, at economical costs.

The concept of UrbanClap was created purely out of the co-founders’ ambition of generating an enormous tech business that ensured to solve the chief consumer needs in India. Also, they analysed the situation where local services were a part of everyone’s daily lives, but the industry wasn’t integrated enough. Although there are a lot of companies offering a dozen local services to consumers today, they are either restricted to just phone calls or are still striving to make a mark in the local service industry.

However, unlike most other companies, UrbanClap envisions to offer finest professional services at the price an individual is willing to pay. Until date, the start-up has offered services from more than 50,000 professionals throughout various major Indian cities.

The Intellects behind the launch of UrbanClap:

UrbanClap was started by three batch mates from IIT Kanpur; Abhiraj Bhal, Varun Khaitan and Raghav Chandra. The trio has known each other for over a decade. Previously, they have been a part of the Boston Consulting Group, where they contemplated on how to go about the various conference calls over the weekend across countries. Following this, they met an Engineer from Twitter named, Raghav Chandra, who shared the same interests and ambitions as them. This eventually led them to the launch of UrbanClap.

  • Abhiraj Bahl: Being the primary founder of UC, Abhiraj is responsible for operations and service providers on-board. Like mentioned earlier, he has worked as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group, where his expertise lied in advising Fortune 500 companies across India, Southeast Asia and Germany.
  • Raghav Chandra: One of the co-founders of UC, Raghav is responsible for leading the technology and product development group at UC. He has previously worked as a software engineer at Twitter, followed by which he began an auto rickshaw start up in India.
  • Varun Khaitan: Being a co-founder at UC, Varun is responsible for looking after the marketing and product growth on-board. Previously, Varun also has worked with Boston Consulting Group, wherein he had to advise leading companies across India, Turkey and USA concerning the business strategy and Qualcomm Inc., where he designed the next generation mobile technology.

How UrbanClap works:

As a customer, one has to download the UrbanClap app on their smartphone. They can then view the requirements section asking them about their needs. Once the requirements are stated in the box along with the preferred dates, the customer is introduced to a bunch of suitable professionals within few hours. Thereby, the customer can view the professionals’ individual information, ranging from the offered quotes to portfolios, background and more. However, when the service providers give their quotes to the consumers on UC, they are not charged for it. Then the customer can contact his/her chosen professional through UC to avail the services. UrbanClap not only provides its customers with innumerable services, but also get maximum leads to various professionals once they are registered on the app. The app is available on iOS and Google Playstore.


The Funding of UrbanClap:

Today, UrbanClap is one of the most recognized mobile service marketplaces in the country. Until date, the venture has raised a funding amount of Rs.10 crores from giants like Accell Partners, SAIF Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, Ratan Tata and Snapdeal founders, Rohit Bansal and Kunal Bahl. The total equity funding of UrbanClap until date is $36.6 million of 4 rounds from 6 investors. Furthermore, the venture has also acquired a stock acquisition of HandyHome.

The Business Model of UrbanClap:

Due to the chaotic industry of local service providers, the trio at UC are working towards connecting with countless professionals in a systematized manner. Rather than solely looking at generating revenues, the company also focuses on creating value for both their customers and professionals. However, the business model of UC is to charge their registered professionals who are provided with business through the UC platform.

From Professional Plumbers to Wedding Photographers and more- UrbanClap has Everything for you!
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