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What’s the first thing that strikes your mind when you’ve got an extended week of holiday and a chance to spend that saved cash? Yes, traveling to one of your favorite holiday destinations! Who wouldn’t love to pack their bags and set out one a trek, or simply go relax in a wintry place amidst lush flora and fauna? However, the process of planning a holiday has always been meticulous; from choosing a destination to the holiday costs, the conveyance facilities and more.  Nevertheless, set aside your worries and plan your holiday effortlessly with Inspirock.

Planning a Holiday through Inspirock:

Created out of an inspiration, Inspirock was started by two friends while on their backpacking expedition in the year 2012. Making their experience even memorable was the serene view of the Inspiration Lake in Washington. Inspirock was launched in order to make it easier for holiday-goers who can easily plan their trip without the hassle of doing a research for hours. With Inspirock, they can easily get a perfectly planned package, which is created out of experienced travelers.

Inspirock further provides the traveler with a day-to-day itinerary plan that can also be personalized as per the preferences. With an option of completely customizing the plan from the Inspirock homepage, the traveler can either add or delete the attractions and destinations. He can further save the tour plan, book hotels, and share the plan on Facebook to seek various opinions and assistance before starting off.

The plans that are created by Inspirock are carefully curated in terms of the destinations and attractions through various continents. Its usage of advanced technology allows them to easily sift through enormous amounts of data to provide the traveler with the best package. The portal functions on a modern tool that works on artificial intelligence in order to assist travelers throughout their trip. It is known that Inspirock’s technology is inspired by big data, various distributed systems and technical learning. Their up-to-the-minute tool is free of cost and ensures that a traveler gets the most out of his vacation.

The holiday planning portal receives and accumulates large amount of information about various attractions and destinations from all across the globe. This information is further curated based on various preferences. Also, the team at Inspirock rates the destinations based on the users’ queries and feedback.

The Team behind the Launch of Inspirock:

Inspirock was the brainchild of two friends; Anoop Goyal and Prakash Sikchi who bonded over a similar likeness for travelling. Studying together at Stanford University during the 90s, they graduated together to go on backpacking trips together and organizing family holidays. It is during this time they realized that the holiday planning task is not only meticulous, but is also unorganized.

They felt the need to simplify the whole course of traveling while being seated on a rock near the Inspiration Lake, in Washington. The venture incorporates a vision and inspiration that is engrained in the certainty that traveling connects people from all across and lets them discover themselves.

Anoop Goyal: Anoop, who is the Co-founder of Inspirock, has previously worked with Silicon Valley high-tech companies for more than 20 years. His work specialized in consumer websites and data systems. Further, he has travelled to more than 25 countries and all the continents, excluding Antarctica. Some of his trip highlights include; climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Prakash Sikchi: Prakash, who is also the Co-founder of Inspirock holds an experience of more than 20 years, in machine learning, big data, and distributed systems. He also has acquired more than 20 patents. He has earlier worked with Microsoft, where he led the development of projects such as Bing Mobile and Azure Cloud. Just like Anoop, Prakash has travelled to more than 15 countries and has climbed Mount Rainier.

It took about 3 years to put their ideas in place, and have until date gained millions of Inspirock users across 150 countries. The venture is planning to expand their services across Europe and US in the coming months.

Funds acquired by Inspirock:
The travel based venture has acquired a Seed funding of $3 million from MakeMyTrip.

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