Looking for the Best Chef in Town for your House Party? Login to Cookifi now!

Unless you are staying in a joint family or have a reliable cook, the woes of cooking never end. Also, with the increasing number of nuclear families these days, most of the working professionals dread the idea of cooking or end up paying a considerable amount of their income to get delectable food. However, with the innovation of an array of food delivery mediums such as Swiggy, Zomato, Freshmenu and others, the hassle of delivering desired foods has decreased, but hasn’t completely made it easier. But what if you are offered with a service where your favorite food is cooked right in front of you with your preferred ingredients in a hygienic way?

Cookifi makes this dream of yours come true!


What is Cookifi?

Now, with the help of Cookifi, you can explore a variety of chefs around you for any occasion. Cookifi helps you in finding reliable chefs with just a button tap through their website or their customer care number.  Through Cookifi, one can easily hire a professional chef on demand based on his/her reviews and ratings from other users.

Apart from hiring a chef at your home for either cooking daily meals or for any occasion, Cookifi also lets you hire a cook for an office celebration or any other unusual occasion. Hiring a chef through this on-demand platform will ensure that the meals are cooked right in front of you in a hygienic way. All you have to provide the chef with is a kitchen and the necessary ingredients and items.

How does Cookifi work?

Established in the year 2015, the on-demand chef hiring service offers its customers with 3 models;

  1. The Cookifi Subscription: This service provides its customers with chefs on a daily basis with monthly payment.
  2. The On-Demand Service: In this offer, the customer can hire a chef on-demand wherein the chef will be at your service for an hour.
  3. The Cookifi Experience: In this offer, a customer can get a luxurious Cookifi experience wherein he/she can hire a chef for a live counter and other exotic needs.

What makes this platform unique is the fact that it offers the on-demand service. Currently, the on-demand home service industry is worth more than $7 billion, with home cooks worth $5 billion. This in turn makes the industry a great potential despite its unorganized services. However, Cookifi aims to overcome the challenges of this unorganized industry with its innovative on-demand concept. The platform makes use of the advanced chef allocation feature that uses variables such as the customer’s cuisines preferences and spice preferences among others to ensure to cater its customers with the best services.

According to one of the co-founders of Cookifi, they are planning to eliminate the huge gap between the high volume caterers and regular cooks who are a necessity during any occasion. Also, the availability of platforms to hire cooks is very less. Therefore, Cookifi’s concept of modern technology ensures to let customers hire chefs on the go with just the tap of a button.

Cookifi contemplates the current traction and estimates that, on an average, its Cookifi on Demand service is used three times a month and the Cookifi experience service is used once a month. Considering these demands, Cookifi estimates the market size to be $20.6 billion in about six Indian cities. Until date, the company has served more than 3500 customers.


Who are the Minds behind Cookifi?

Cookifi was co- founded by Ajay Modani and Harsh Singla who have both earlier worked with Capillary Technologies. Ajay holds a degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and has worked as a Project Engineer at Danieli India and as a VP, Operations at Capillary Technologies.

Talking about Harsh Singla, he holds a degree from IIM Indore and has previously worked with Yes Bank, Capillary Technologies and ITC Infotech. His roles included being a Manager, Senior Associate and Key Account Manager.

Apart from Ajay and Harsh, Prachi Malu is also one of the co-founders of the venture. She holds an MBA degree in Human Resources and has earlier worked with Azim Premji Foundation and Walmart Labs.

A Peek into the Received Funds by Cookifi:

This Bengaluru-based start-up which is registered as Commercio Connectivity Pvt. Ltd., has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from investors such as Kunal Shah, Chairman of FreeCharge, Aneesh Reddy, Co-founder and CEO of Capillary Technologies, Venkat Tadanki, CEO of Secova, Krishna Mehra, co-founder of Capillary Technologies, Amit Rathore, Founder and CEO of Quintype and Tracxn Labs. The funding of Cookifi was further facilitated by TracxnSyndicate, which is the managed investment arm of Tracxnlabs. Furthermore, Ajay hopes to close an Angel funding round worth $1.5 million in the near future.

According to the founders at Cookifi, the received funds will be used to enhance its technology platform and expand their services across the country. One of their founders also stated that they are aiming to develop and launch the Cookifi android app, and effective marketing strategies.

Insights about Cookifi:

  • The venture works on a fee-based business model, wherein it collects a minimum percentage from the chef’s bill.
  • Cookifi helps in tracking the chef along with checking their ratings and their check-in and check-out time. In case a chef fails to turn up, a replacement will be made immediately.
  • The upcoming Cookifi app will allow a user to feed his taste preferences and pre-fix the menu. It further generates the grocery recommendations based on the person’s food habits.
  • Cookifi does not hire local cooks as they lack customer service skills.
  • The chefs are curated and then hired, followed by training in special skills to suit occasions.
Looking for the Best Chef in Town for your House Party? Login to Cookifi now!
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