Now Access your Medical Information from anywhere in the World with eKincare

Today, most of us live a frenzied life, where each one of us is busy trying to manage our personal and professional life at large. Evidently, our chock-a-block daily schedules leave us with very less time to cater to other important things in life. One such key factor that is either ignored or is difficult to maintain is an individual’s health and his medical records. It so happens that a lot of us either procrastinate the scheduled treatment or simply take our health conditions for granted. And whoever does ensure to maintain a healthy life via proper check-ups and treatments, find it difficult to follow up on it, as they do not have easy access to their medical information on the go.

In order to do away with this problem, eKincare has introduced a novel concept of giving an individual the power to access their complete, critical medical information from any corner of the world with just a click.

The Idea Behind eKincare

It all began with Kiran Kalakuntla’s struggle during his stay in the US. Unlike most start-ups, Kiran’s venture has a unique, inspiring story behind the launch of eKincare. Away from home, Kiran went through an ordeal when he was unable to access the medical history of his ailing parents in India. It is obvious that if an individual has to go through any treatment, his/hers previous medical records are needed. This episode in Kiran’s life triggered him to launch eKincare.

Just like Kiran, there are many other people who go through this problem on a daily basis. Not only do they have difficulty in accessing the information about their medical history, but also find it a hassle to acquire and organise the information. One has to put in a lot of money and effort to track and gather the medical information during times of any treatment.

According to Kiran, every individual should be able to access information about his/her medical history whenever required. And thus, introduced eKincare to the Indian audience.  This newly launched start up is headquartered in Hyderabad. One can encrypt about 256 bits of one’s health records and store it on a cloud system to access it later from a PC or a smartphone. Apart from just offering the health records online, eKincare also offers offline help in terms of tracking and staying updated about one’s health records.

eKincare has recently launched their beta platform and Android app that helps an individual to upload his/her detailed medical records which will be further digitized by the team at eKincare. This data is formatted in an organized manner in a more comprehensive method. Additionally, the team at eKincare analyses each individual’s medical data and suggests the individual with appropriate treatments.

The Approach and Process of eKincare

To begin with, the process at eKincare includes gathering medical information about an individual with the help of the increasing list of dental, body and vision health partners. The team at eKincare further updates the individual’s profile, and displays the information on a user-friendly platform for them to view.

eKincare’s aim is not only to offer individuals with information about their medical history, but also help them identify potential health risks and inform and motivate them to go ahead with the required treatment to have a hale and hearty life.

The team at eKincare believes that one should always think of new ways to evolve by thinking ahead of time, and thereby make a difference in people’s lives. They have also been constantly inventing and upgrading their products in order to cater to the innumerable demands of the consumers. Eventually, eKincare intends to create an impact on the lives of maximum people through their technology, thereby making their dream a reality.

According to the founder of eKincare, consolidating the medical history at eKincare is as easy as taking a selfie, for free! With the help of various healthcare providers, eKincare gets the updated medical information about individuals which will be then stored on a single repository. The individual will further be informed about the potential health risks, and will be provided with a health plan. eKincare focuses on 2 core areas in order to create an effective medical data;

  • Personal health record
  • Personalized health assessment
  • Connecting to the right service providers.

The Foremen Behind eKincare

Kiran Kalakuntala, the Founder and CEO of eKincare is the spearhead of the venture. Kiran holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from Duke University, United States. Before starting his venture, Kiran was a product engineer at Alltel (Verizon), wherein his work included designing and strategizing, followed by working on the technology road map of the company. Furthermore, Kiran was responsible for launching the product in the market and ensuring that it was error-free. After working there for a considerable amount of time, Kiran acquired ample amount of hands-on experience in the nuances of marketing strategies.

Owing to his past decade long experience in marketing strategies, Kiran could easily implement the tactics of consumer research and user experience which is essential for defining the 360 degree of products. His past experience has further helped him reach several milestones in his career, including the launch of first Samsung Galaxy smartphone in the world, the launch of the first 3D smart phone and the launch of 4G devices for North Americas among others.

Furthermore, eKincare is also backed by a determined team of professionals from across various sectors, including product marketing, medicine and technology. The team at eKincare is zealous about resolving challenging healthcare issues, thereby resulting in a productive outcome.

eKincare Team

The other core team members of eKincare;

  • Dinesh Koka, who is the Co-founder and COO of the venture. An IIM candidate, Dinesh has previously worked with GE Healthcare. He was also a
    Management Executive with 14 years’ experience across Customer Management, Tech Growth Initiatives.
  • Unnikrishnan KN, the Clinical Advisor at eKincare. He is an MD, GRAMIT and BS (Medical Sciences). He has worked with Apollo, Siemens and Ministry of UAE.
    With 19 yrs of experience, Dr. UnniKrishnan is an expert in wellness programs, medical imaging, devices and healthcare ITA.
  • Other members of the eKincare team include; Srikanth Samudrala (CTO), Ramsha Darbha (Operations Manager) and Bhanu Prakash (Marketing Manager).

Funding at eKincare

Until date, eKincare has raised 2 rounds of funding that included Bitkemy Ventures, Maheshwari Investment. Pvt. Ltd., and other HNIs. Currently, the venture is looking at a Series A round of funding. Being a product of Aayuv Technologies Pvt. Ltd., that generated a funding amount of about Rs. 2 crore via a seed fund, eKincare has planned to utilize the acquired funding amount to have a resilient team and advanced development of their products. According to Sunil Motaparti, one of the funders, eKincare has a greater potential to change the outlook in the medical field, thereby resulting in creating healthier lives.

The venture company is growing at an average of 150% each quarter and has statistically gathered valid data of more than 5 lakh data points with continuity of several years of medical history. This further enables them to venture into Indian specific preventive calculators for better prediction of NCDs before their onset.

However, the company has been voted as “Global Digital Health 100 companies” by the prestigious journal of mHealth. It has also been acknowledged as one of the 2016’s seven rising start-ups in India by TechInAsia.

Now Access your Medical Information from anywhere in the World with eKincare
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