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Credit is a scary word in today’s insecure world, be it giving or receiving. Being credible is so tough even when you are the most trusted person in society. Giving credit is even more difficult because you are not sure about the person or his/her company. CreditVidya helps you know it better before making any kind of financial decisions.

What is CreditVidya?

CreditVidya is a unique online retail banking site, which has a steady foundation with sufficient funding initially. CreditVidya’s action plan was mainly to make people understand the advantage and importance of managing money. Every movement of CreditVidya helps banking sectors take the next step in deciding and assessing people in terms of critical financial decisions. It assists people to take upright decisions about financial planning from a passionate team, who are well versed in various relevant fields like financial services, technology, trading, and law. CreditVidya provides programs and workshops on Money management, Education on Investment, Ongoing Support, and much more. It also provides online articles on managing credits and puts through to industry experts for guidance about credit. CreditVidya, on one hand, is a credit tech facility and on the other hand a social responsibility in proofing various accounts bringing an upright platform to receivers and lenders. The transparency in its work has attracted a lot of customers.


Rajiv Raj and Abhishek Agarwal were the pioneers of CreditVidya. Rajiv is an MBA graduate from the University of Pune. Rajiv started his career with Canara Bank and worked with them for over 7 years as Branch Manager. Later he moved on to join IDBI Bank, and worked as a Branch Manager for more than a year. He was also Area Sales Manager at Citi Bank for 11 months and the Regional Sales Manager at HDFC Bank Ltd. for more than 2 years. He was also the Vice President for the Sales and Marketing sector at Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited for 4 years. Then he went on to become the Director of sales at Experian Credit Information Company India Private Ltd and was associated with them for 4 years. With immense experience in the banking and sales sector, Rajiv bloomed with the idea of facilitating for credit to a whole new level.

Abhishek Agarwal is an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles. Abhishek first worked as an intern at Thomson Reuters for 4 months, but ended up as a full-time worker with them and worked as a Software Test Engineer for about 2 years. Then he got promoted as Senior Software Test Engineer. Later he moved on to join Tullett Prebon as an analyst for a year and a half. He also interned as Venture Capital Associate at Seedfund. He was a volunteer in Finovate for less than a year. The last company he worked for was Mobile-XL as an intern in the position of VP Business Developer. His career took a turn when Abhishek and Rajiv joined hands to bring up a credible venture, CreditVidya.


CreditVidya got funded by few angel investors in the past like Siddharth Parekh from Paragon Partners, the investor based in Silicon Valley, Munish Mehta and recently received a part of the series, a funding of $2 million from Kalaari Capital. Kalaari Capital is glad to be partnered with CreditVidya as it is an evolving technology idea to millions. The co-founders mentioned that they would be utilizing the fund to build a strong team in technology and data science and meeting the requirements of the customers and clients accordingly. They maintain a proportion of 35 employees in which 3/4 of them work in maintaining and developing the technology and data science. However, CreditVidya is looking forward to increase its employee size to double from its present size.

Why CreditVidya?

A credit score is a major necessity, which provides an individual or a company the creditworthiness. Therefore, CreditVidya helps its lenders on the criteria to prevent fraudulent situations. CreditVidya has a cutting edge, which is its distinctive technology that allows clients to assess or evaluate the risk factors of either individuals or a firm. The assessment is also for people new to the usage of credit and customers with a flimsy background. CreditVidya is now involved with not only individuals or banking sectors like IDFC Bank, Tata Capital, Bajaj Finserv, Shriram Housing Finance, but also other sites which deal with payment transactions in e-commerce, e-wallets and similar P2P ones to mention.

CreditVidya aims at screening credit scores of millions of Indian customers across the country. It concentrates on three main categories of people; the ones surfing for credit, the ones whose credit was canceled or rejected, and the ones who have credit but want to save.

The security level in using CreditVidya is the best, where the data given by clients or banking sectors is stored with all safety measures. Both the physical data as well as the online transferred data are given equal security.

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