Bridgei2i Paves way to Nifty Business Analytics Solutions in India

Business Analytics in today’s world hold an essential place for the success of any business and company. The core reason being, the ‘changes’ that take place in any business, that have to be regularly monitored. In order to survive the changes that take place in terms of its target market and the relevant industry, a business essentially needs to implement apt business analytical skills at regular intervals. Also, apt business analysis is needed in order to survive the cutthroat competitive market.

The process of business analysis involves gathering information from an array of sources and analyzing it in order to make a forecast of the future trends. Doing this will ultimately aid the business/company in better performance in terms of its business strategies, operations and other business decisions. Catering to all of these vital business needs, Bridgei2i was launched in order to offer newfangled Business Analytics Solutions to various global enterprises. These Business Analytics Solutions provided by Bridgei2i help various enterprises in achieving accelerated business control by using the power of data. Eventually, this bridges the gap between the information and the effect of the power of insights.



About Bridgei2i

Started in the year 2011, Bridgei2i was the brainchild of GE and HP executives. The venture was established in order to enable various enterprises understand the sustainable business impact created with the help of data driven insights, followed by leveraging technology and algorithms. Until date, the start-up has erected a robust global market, including 10 of the Fortune 100 companies whose expertise lies in technology, insurance, retail, finance and manufacturing. However, the venture has been listed in the “Technology Fast 50” in the year 2015, by Deloitte, and in“Emerge 50”in 2014 by NASSCOM.

Talking about the analytical services provided by Bridgei2i, they are focused at enabling various enterprises to attain enhanced business impact via the usage of data power. Thereby, the business managers in various enterprises can consume better information via the big data, and produce effective insights from complicated business problems. Bridgei2i’s analytics services and technology solutions further help the enterprises in making data driven decisions across global firms, thus producing sustainable business impacts. Bridgei2i works with a vision of being a trusted partner for every global institution and enterprise. It aims in aiding their partnered enterprises in achieving enhanced growth with the help of their simplified and embedded analytical services.

When Bridgei2i offers its analytical services to any of the enterprise, it works on an array of aspects that includes, working on analytics maturity of the firm, addressing their business problem along with the analytics play. However, the venture also functions on a set of values; Agility, Collaboration for success, customer centric, continuous learning, driving innovation and tenacious integrity. Since any kind of change is inevitable in an enterprise, Bridgei2i believes in keeping up with the promptness, thereby responding to the changes instantly and delivering solutions with accuracy and resolute commitment.


Solutions Offered by Bridgei2i

  • Marketing Analytics: The venture offers a marketing analytics ecosystem known as BRIDGEi2i MSC, wherein the ecosystem offers a complete view of the marketing data, thereby enhancing factors of technology and innovation of marketing automation, personalization and forecasting. These factors help the CMOs of various enterprises in precise operationalization of analytics that is required for a better performance and ROI.
  • Sales Analytics: The venture offers Sales Analytics Solution via Sales Acceleration Center that aids various Sales Organizations to determine the enhanced growth by converting the data about sales to insights that help in generating informed sales decisions and actionable outcomes.
  • Risk Management: In order to concentrate on 2 major areas of risk management; governance and compliance and fraud risk, Bridgei2i has tied up with financial institutions and insurance firms. Their exclusive concept will enable an enterprise to establish a competitive plan, thereby avoiding the operational and regulatory risk.
  • Other solutions offered by Bridgei2i are; supply chain planning, engagement analytics and customer analytics. The venture offers all of its services on platforms like Surveyi2i, Model Governance and i2i, ExTrack, Forecasting Engine and S-Reco. Furthermore, the industries served by the start-up include; technology, insurance, finance, retail, consumer packaged goods, education and hospitality.

The Force behind Bridgei2i

Bridgei2i was the work of Prithvijit Roy, Pritam Kanti and Ashish Sharma. Prithvijit is the CEO and Co-founder of Bridgei2i. The venture was launched to emphasis on user-centric applications big data. Bridgei2i has its established offices in not just India, but also United States and Bay Area. Currently, the venture has teams with 125 members.

The uniqueness of Bridegei2i lies in their varied concepts of analytical expertise, backed with effective technology and a determined leadership team that helps them to reach a path of non-linear growth.

Funding at Bridgei2i

Bridgei2i, which is a Bengaluru-based start-up, recently acquired funding of an undisclosed amount in Series‘A’ funding from Edelweiss Private Equity, which is the private equity and venture capital arm of Edelweiss Financial Services. The funding was acquired by Bridgei2i to expand their consulting teams throughout the United States and India. Talking about the acquired investment, the CEO stated that the funding will help them in improving their capability of offering better value to customers by enhancing the development of their machine learning-based business applications. Furthermore, Edelweiss has also gained a smaller portion of the company’s stake, with the head of Edelweiss joining the Board of Directors of Bridgei2i.

Bridgei2i Paves way to Nifty Business Analytics Solutions in India
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