Communicate through WebEngage and provide a Holistic Solution for your Business

WebEngage is the fastest growing SaaS company and a multi-channel user engagement platform that is trusted by thousands of businesses the world over. This platform has a simple mantra – Engage. Retain. Grow; and it does so by helping users connect through several channels such as Web Messages (notification, survey and feedback), In-App Messages, Push Notifications, emails, and text messages. It automates the user engagement which helps to maintain the growth of the user base. From enterprises like eBay, Lynda, Sendgrid, Snapdeal, MakeMyTrip, Avaya, to thousands of startups worldwide, this platform is helping them reach new heights.

When the fondly named Burrp Mafia team, Avlesh Singh and Ankit Utreja decided to break free and start something on their own accord given their extensive work experience in various start-ups, success was theirs when they founded Webklipper Technologies, an IT product development firm. After experimenting for a year, they launched WebEngage in 2011. Their sole aim was always to help e-commerce companies better engage with their users. Recently, Bangalore-based information technology company Capillary Technologies has invested an undisclosed amount in WebEngage.

WebEngage cater to more than 32k online businesses from across the globe and the company is looking forward to surpass 1 lac by 2016. This is possible because the market is huge and consistently expanding every day because of our growing dependability on internet. As more and more businesses go online, they would be needing a solution to holistically engage with their users and increase their revenue –WebEngage is that holistic solution.  And they are making profits big time. In the words of Avlesh Singh, its founder, “We happen to belong the rarest tribe of profitable tech startups in this country.”

WebEngage has come a long way right from its inception – the firm that started with a three member team and saw a revenue of a little over Rs 2 lakh in 2011-12, is now a 60 member team and generated a revenue of Rs 2 crore in 2013-14.

Talking about his team members, Avlesh said, “We take a lot of time to onboard any member. Skills and qualifications are held secondary to individual traits, and perhaps that is the reason why I can go on record to say- we may have the lowest attrition rate in India, let alone the startup eco-system.”

Majority of his team members belong to the tech team while the rest are distributed between support, customer success, marketing, finance and BI.

How does it work?

WebEngage works in three simple steps:

  • Choose a plan. Sign up to create a WebEngage account for yourself.
  • Mention your website details and get a widget code. Integrate with the site.
  • Organise your feedback form, surveys and notifications.

How does WebEngage work?

How does WebEngage work?

WebEngage clients are mostly from the ecommerce and travel segments, such as Snapdeal and MakeMyTrip. For example, when a new user lands on the MakeMyTrip portal, a pop-up immediately greets the user offering a discount on the first booking. Precisely, that’s WebEngage in the action mode.

Though there is no head-on competition for this startup but there are competitors in specific segments. The uniqueness of WebEngage, however, lies in the fact that it understands the user’s behaviour across the web and mobile worlds alike and initiate action through multiple channel like web messages, emails etc. On the other hand, there are other marketing tools available in the market which work in silos, either for a particular channel or medium. However, WebEngage trumps them by providing a holistic engagement feature and a common window where the user can view and understand their behaviour on both the mediums of web and mobile.

Communicate through WebEngage and provide a Holistic Solution for your Business
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