Convenience to Files and Documents Reloaded With Framebench

No! It’s not Facebook! It’s Framebench. Remember the initial days where technology had just evolved, only enough to certain basic level of sharing and rewriting of documents. The act of planning a particular task on the office desktop is usually tiring. Then the thought of rewriting it or adding few more details on various aspects would be so difficult that one had to take hours of their valuable time with lots of steps and procedures. For few companies which deal with technology based routine had a tough time. A team working on a project had to take hours to decide on each of their ideas and the course of action.


Framebench brings you the convenience in these sorts of problems, mainly being immediate computing with communication, collaboration of data, images, and files by more than one person at the same time. Mostly an advantage to all the firms and agencies that feeds on by being digital with creativity. The difficulty in reaching out to colleagues or managers at distance regarding reports, reviews or feedback can be solved with Framebench and its options to edit, text, call, and share opinions. Students doing projects can just install this application to come up with all the possible ideas and finish their projects in a lesser time as estimated.

Framebench is a platform which is based on cloud. It allows people to work on the same operation with more of live synchronization. It is made with the HTML5 and the recent trends of technology, to give life to the creativity. It is an accessible application that helps the company or the group to have improved connectivity, being able to portray their ideas with better performance and also receive appropriate solutions. Framebench with some of the components enabled wants to serve its users the best. It is certainly a useful tool to all professional and non-professional across the country. Quick response and immediate action on a particular task to be resolved. Designing studios need not get huge software to get their designing work but instead can use Famebench which is less expensive and quick. The quality of images is beyond appreciation. To all the gaming freaks this is a great application to connect with.


Rohit Agarwal, the founder and CEO of Framebench, is a graduate from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. He then started as an intern at Tehri Hydro Development Cooperation Ltd. for about 3 months under the Safety and Development sector. Later he joined Krayon Pictures as a Research and Development intern for 6 months in Pune. Continuing with his interests he got into Veddis Advisors in Gurgaon as an Idea Engineer for 5 months. With the amount of experience and a short span of time(approximately 2 months), Rohit came up with a challenging idea of building Framebench in January 2012. This gave him an identity for the love of technology. Currently, he is working as a Product Manager at Freshdesk that acquired Framebench in 2015.


The passion for science and technology urged Rohit to create an application like Framebench, making other creative sprouts to grow their intensive interests in an easy way. The initial 7 employees of Framebench made it more effortless to reach success. Skills like cloud computing, java script, entrepreneurship, business development, and many more, had clicked on the right button for developing Framebench which is as similar as GoogleDoc. Framebench has an initial 30 day trial, later could be upgraded with $ 19 per month.

The company raised Rs. 150,000, which is a seed fund from Blume ventures and Anand Ladsariya soon after they excelled as the best team in the Spark New Venture program. Gaining trust and convincing an animation studio, Framebench sets ways to attain success. However, the further great achievements of winning The Economic times and IIM-A Power of Ideas led to future remarkable progress and greater recognition. Few others who straightened their paths to mention are iAccelaerator and industry experts who mentored them with aspects of business needed to take the professional part of being a start-up, in terms of pricing and strategy both business as well as sales.

The company Framebench has now been acquired by yet another successful firm called Freshdesk which deals with Information and Technology Services. However, the present users of Framebench are still facilitated with the services of the application with consistency, but have stopped receiving further signups.

Convenience to Files and Documents Reloaded With Framebench
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