Eatonomist: Not Just An Online Eatery Platform, It’s The Way Of Life!

For health and food freaks

There were times when people thought that following a diet is the same as starving themselves. Nowadays, we are well aware that remaining hungry does not help us at all in our pursuit of perfect health. But let us admit that all of us almost every fortnight reset and renew our pledges to eat right and eat healthy! It is not only the food but other factors such as, eating on time, big breakfast, making the healthier choice, and healthy snacking have a considerable impact on our health.

It’s all about cooking and serving

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Founded in November 2014 by Anisha Dhar and Nupur Khanna, Eatonomist follows a full-stack business model wherein it controls the kitchens and delivery services. Its menu includes sandwiches and desserts besides a range of Indian foods. Eatonomist, an online eatery, is more than just healthy food, specialized in calorie counted gourmet meals. Eatonomist was born to address the market that wanted to eat good food sans the calorific intake. The main objective of Eatonomist would be to keep serving awesome, honest and healthy food without cutting corners. The startup claims to deliver calorie-counted gourmet meals. “Our recipes are lab tested to ascertain the exact amount of nutrients,” said Anisha Dhar, Co-founder of Eatonomist.

The minds behind the idea – Founders

Nupur and Anisha

Anisha Dhar and Nupur Khanna are behind the birth of this online eatery start-up that caters the needs of healthy food lovers. By profession a computer science engineer, Anisha has extensive management consulting experience in Strategy formulation, market Entry and client management. She has worked for over the last seven years with major corporates that includes PwC, EY and KPMG. At Eatonomist, Anisha is responsible for New Business development, Marketing and Sourcing. Her passion for food and innovation has led to a new and challenging opportunity which will change the way people think of health as a way of life. Nupur is a business major with a diverse background and worked across various fields such as Business research, market research and data analytics. Professionally she has worked as a Management Consultant with Financial Advisory Team at EY. Prior to this, she explored opportunities in the Media Industry too.

Recent Funding

Initially the company was formed with the hard earned money savings from its owners. Recently, the company has also received an undisclosed amount of funding from MCube Capital Advisor Pvt Ltd. The company has planned to use this funding for marketing and building brand and for launching an app as well very soon.

An idea that changed the way of life

The idea of this vary business module popped out in their minds at the time they were engaged in the corporates. They experienced the pain of not getting healthy food options at meal time during their work tenure. They thought that it would be so great to have a place that would offer a new menu each day with healthy dishes that tasted good. Thus, they discussed the idea with their families & friends and set the foundation of Eatonomist in November 2014. Their aim is to make people realize the potential of portion controlled eating habits and make a conscious move to eating healthy by narrowing the gap between sinful eating and crash dieting.

Planning the future

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Eatonomist is currently operating in Gurgaon and caters to corporates. With a team of twenty employees, including five chefs, it claims to be doing more than 300 orders a day. Eatonomist is a vision wherein they plan to make customers addicted to the taste and make them think about their health before they reach out for that fast food joint’s number. In an expansion strategy, the company is looking to open kiosks in high footfall areas which will serve as small boutique stores where customers can come and pick up their meals for the day. With this model, Eatonomist plans to expand to Delhi and Noida and then later to other cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai etc. to cater food lovers there. Further, the company has plans of extending its product offerings to educational institutions, airlines, gyms etc. catering to the health need of customers span industries. Expanding plans also include breakfast, snacks and dinner services, ensuring that “whenever customers think about food, they think Eatonomist”. Eatonomist also have plans to offer complete health and dietary solutions to the customer with the help of getting a Life Coach (Counselor, fitness coach and health coach) along with a Dietician. On the technological front, a website is planned so that every customer can access their personalized pages and profiles and track calorie counts throughout the day.

Opportunities and Challenges

The company is seeing the good sign of opportunities as online food ordering business in India is estimated to be Rs 5,000-6,000 crore, according to a report by India Brand Equity Foundation.  The sector includes aggregators, food-ordering platforms, delivery-only players, proprietary meal sellers and cloud kitchens. Furthermore, increasing awareness among the population with respect to healthy food increases the hope for the food entrepreneurs.


Being the part of this competitive industry, they face many challenges. To compete within the industry, Eatonomist decided to start as an online delivery service, wherein an envious 10 day menu is displayed. They offer dishes under two calorie counts – 500 and 300 along with soups and salads. Eight new dishes displayed everyday taking the total count to over 80 dishes. Therefore, one can easily avail healthy meal at their desks, living the tag line healthy, delicious, and convenient. Other than that of the competitive challenges, Eatonomist also faces difficulties in educating the customer on benefits, analyzing Customer/Consumer Behavior, Managing Logistics, and very importantly the inflationary costs of superior quality ingredients.

Now the time has arrived to correct the poor workplace nutrition. Always remember to stick to better and healthy choices and inspire people around you. Somewhere down the road when you are fitter, healthier and full of energy, healthy eating would have become an integral part of your lifestyle!

Eatonomist: Not Just An Online Eatery Platform, It’s The Way Of Life!
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