EveryBill-A hassle-free app to create and send bills to your customers

With the advent of the fast-paced technology, completing each and every job today has become a plain sailing task. Gone are the days where paying any sort of bills was a herculean task of maintaining a stack of papers and keeping an account. With the introduction of Everybill, any businessman can create and send across the bills to their customers in a hassle-free manner.

Since today’s population is majorly reliant on the digital world, and a majority of the population uses android based cell phones, EveryBill has come up with their personalized android app, instead of a website. This app lets a user access the billing facilities with just a click. When the user uses this app, he/she can maintain a record of all the bills, know about the daily sales, manage dues, send payment reminders, and know business analytics and other details of anything that they’re looking to buy or sell.


The Introduction of EveryBill:

It was the result of the great efforts by three aspiring entrepreneurs that EveryBill was carefully planned and executed. The founding members of this android app are Chanchal, Sujeet and Diwakar. The founders designed the app through an interface such as Whatsapp. This app lets a user to not only create and capture the bills from the customers and merchants, but also allows them to communicate the details in a hassle-free manner.

Sujeet, who is the key founder of the app, took 3 months to develop and make the app available for the users. Eventually, the app was released on Google Play, and since then there have been more than 700 active app users. The app is majorly used by wholesalers, distributors, sellers and retailers. A large number of merchants actually download the app on their android phones and write feedback on Google Play. The team at EveryBill takes feedback from them and understands the demand of the app, thereby launching a subscription based business model.


The business model of EveryBill is based on a procedure wherein the users first download this android app on their smart phones. They then receive a call from the EveryBill team and will be explained the procedure on how to use the app. Apart from guiding the users over phone, the team also makes field rounds to small and medium scale industries to introduce the app. Some of EveryBill’s competitors include companies like Zoho, QuickBooks and Invoice2go.

The Background of the Founders of EveryBill:

Like mentioned before, EveryBill was introduced by three founders; Chanchal, Sujeet and Diwakar.

– Chanchal holds engineering and an MBA degree from IIM (Kashipur). He has worked with companies likewww.bewakoof.com at the start of his career. One of his expertises at the company was being a creative content writer for the portal. Furthermore, Chanchal has also worked as a consultant for various start-up companies thereby helping them gauge their market size. Just like Sujeet, whom he met on 2015, Chanchal also had visions of changing the age-old practice of billing systems.

– Sujeet, one of the co-founders of EveryBill, has been a part of 3 other start-ups before he co-founded EveryBill. He began his career as an android app developer and has apparently released an app known as “LaunchSimply. This app is a launcher that is based on the 3D gestures, and has therefore caused a lot of stir in the digital market for its distinctive features. Due to the uniqueness of this app, various renowned companies such as Samsung and Intel have collaborated to incorporate the app as an inbuilt app that can be used with their new phones. Sujeet has also previously been a part of a team that contributed to the development of a locality based social networking app known as “Shout”, which apparently came up with NinjaKart. After this, Sujeet was the lead developer with one of the popular real estate websites in Bengaluru, CommonFloor.

– Diwakar, one of the co-founders of EveryBill, holds a master’s degree from the Delhi University. He has also worked with CommonFloor and was Sujeet’s colleague. Since his ideas of solving the obsolete practices of the billing system coincided with that of Chanchal and Sujeet, he joined them in taking EveryBill to the next level. His previously worked companies included Amazon and Microsoft, where his expertise lied on the technical side.

The Inspiration behind the Launch of EveryBill:

It all began with the issues Sujeet’s businessman father was going through in his business. Hailing from a middle class family, Sujeet’s father ran a garment store for about 24 years. Evidently, a businessman faces various challenges, two of which were impacting his business on a large basis, resulting in a huge loss. One of the major issues he faced was while collecting credit from his customers. Sujeet’s father found it difficult to follow up with people for the dues before the deadline and some even refused to pay the complete sum of money, thereby resulting in a huge loss of up to at least 2 to 3 lakhs in a year.

The other major issue he faced was regarding the replacement of goods. It so happens that majority of the times, the replacement of goods by most of the customers results either in a fight or a bad experience. These issues had to be dealt carefully and had to be looked into. During one of the summers, Sujeet was helping his father in his store, and that’s when he witnessed these issues and decided to find a solution. Apart from his father, Sujeet also witnessed the same problems with the neighboring businessmen.

What drove him towards initiating the idea of EveryBill were the complications faced by the sellers due to the lack of an efficient billing system. There are still a majority of the store owners who either make use of a billing book or manually calculate it. It was by the end of 2014 that Sujeet came up with the EveryBill app, as his father and other people had easy access to smart phones. He chose to develop an android app, as developing a website would not be a feasible solution for everyone in terms of time and money.

EveryBill was registered as EveryBill Tech Pvt. Ltd., in the year 2015. This app caters to both small and medium scale businesses. A user has to opt for his/her suitable yearly subscription, with different packages. Until date, EveryBill has approximately invested up to Rs. 5, 00,000 capital.


Henceforth, the team at EveryBill anticipates to reach the pinnacle in the coming few months, and has generated up to Rs.25000 revenue until date. They are further expecting to increase between $70,000-$100,000 in exchange for the equity of up to 7% to 10%.

EveryBill-A hassle-free app to create and send bills to your customers
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