Get Glamorous and Trendy in a Snap with Hoppingo!

With a plethora of fashion services offered today both online and offline, staying in vogue is a duck soup. Clothing trends have always varied since time immemorial, ranging from peplos (ancient clothing) to palazzos, skater dresses, suspenders etc. Adding on to the charm of clothing are an assortment of fashion accessories such as jewelry, footwear, bags and so on.

However, although today there are innumerable outlets, streets and online websites that provide fresh fashion accessories and ideas, there are very few portals or outlets that offer tailor-made clothing or chic accessories under one roof. Also, looking for the perfect clothing fit or quirky fashion accessories is a cumbersome task. Driving away the woes of avid shoppers, Hoppingo has paved its way in to the fashion world, wherein it offers only the best and beautiful of fresh fashion under one roof, at the snap of your fingers.

What is Hoppingo.com?

A contemporarily designed website that caters to all the fashion needs of anyone with handpicked and newfangled fashion accessories. It is obvious that not every website offers the best of fashion products, and instead might also have outdated fashion accessories. This is where Hoppingo stands as an exceptional website which offers handpicked products that are appealing to an end-user and are priced economically.

Team Hoppingo

Team Hoppingo

What does Hoppingo.com offer?

The website offers a wide variety of products and services ranging from clothing to electronics, home furnishing, accessories for babies, latest shopping updates and business ideas with the venture. It dominantly focuses on fashion and acts as a personal shopper for an end-user.

Like mentioned earlier, the products on Hoppingo are carefully handpicked to ensure that they’re tempting to a customer. The task of handpicking the products on this website is not done by amateurs; instead ‘expert selectors’ comprising fashion designers and media professionals are assigned for this task. The products are meticulously handpicked throughout the day, with multiple checks during the process.

Not just this, to make an end-user’s experience worth their time and money, Hoppingo provides them with vast shopping wisdom, wherein a consumer can write to them with his/her clarifications and suitable experts will be assigned to them. Talking about the unique factor of the website, the products at Hoppingo are featured based on various themes. The themes are further seasonal according to various festivities.

Hoppingo also has a fascinating page that provides the website user with an array of articles related to shopping. These articles vary from shopping tips and ideas to the latest fashion trends, beauty tips, entertainment news and anything that can grab a user’s attention.

Who are the brains behind the inception of Hoppingo.com?

Turning her craze for shopping into reality, Hoppingo is the hobbyhorse of Swati Gauba, the Founder and CEO of Hoppingo. An alumnus of Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, Swati is a media professional who holds an experience of more than 6 years, and is also renowned for her dedicated skills. Some of her vast skills include consumer insight and research, media planning, strategic alliances, partnerships and integrated brand strategy. Previously, Swati has worked with some of the most reputed organizations such as MediaCom and Times Internet Ltd. Interestingly; her past expertise also included managing the business development part for a Singapore based media house. Clearly, Swati has vast knowledge about most of the latest and upcoming online fashion stores, which further paved way for the success of Hoppingo.

It all started in the year 2013, when Swati turned her dream into a reality by introducing Hoppingo.com in the Indian fashion market. With her vision of making Hoppingo an extraordinary website that can offer its users with the best of services under one roof, Swati and her team has been striving to reach to a great stature.

Team Hoppingo Together

Team Hoppingo Together

Backing up Swati in her venture is Mayur Sethi, who is the Co-Founder and COO at Hoppingo. An expert in media and marketing, Mayur has always envisioned to begin something of his own. Giving shape to this, he came up with his own digital advertising agency in Madhya Pradesh, known as ‘MP09’. He began this venture with an aim to reform the world of media. It was this venture of his which gave way to him in becoming a part of Hoppingo.com. Furthermore, the CMO Council has also awarded Mayur with an award of being amongst the Top 50 marketing professionals, at the World Marketing Congress.

What inspired the Hoppingo team to initiate the concept of their venture?

The concept of Hoppingo was initiated owning to the presence of innumerable start-ups that expose both the entrepreneur and the buyer to an array of services and merchandises. Naturally, this leads to the availability of uncountable products in the market for a user, thereby leading to confusion. This is where Hoppingo.com helps a user to choose only the best, under a single roof. The team at Hoppingo has been studying about the customer’s varied choices closely, and has appointed apt experts to work on it. This feature of choosing only the best and appealing products is the main USP of Hoppingo.com.

Furthermore, all of the alluring products are chosen from various popular fashion websites, wherein a buyer can buy the products straight away from the merchant’s website or can simply add the selected products to the master shopping list which is known as ‘Hoppingo Bucket’, to shop later. Apart from catering its customers with the best and beautiful products, Hoppingo also aims to uncover exclusive products that might not be available via the traditional searching methods.

Hoppingo was launched in November 2014 and was fully operational by June 2015. The startup is evaluated amongst the Top 32 start-ups in India by NASSCOM. Today, Hoppingo showcases more than 800 products from across various popular websites and digital stores.

Apart from Swati and Mayur, Hoppingo also has a board of advisors and industry experts; Rahul Budhraja, Bhaskar, Moolchand Gauba, Parul Bhargava and Taran Bhargava. Talking about acquiring funds, the venture received its first round of funding by friends and family. Until date, the company has raised about 10 million, and is prepping to raise Series A funding. Currently, they are valued at $ 2million.

Therefore, Hoppingo is looking forward to not just be a gateway that provides the prettiest of products, but also acquire up to 1 million users in the long run.

Get Glamorous and Trendy in a Snap with Hoppingo!
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