Globetrot with Ease via any Mode of Transport with Routofy

The thought of visiting your grandparents’ place in one of the rural parts of the country is sure to evoke nostalgic feelings of childhood. As children, most of us craved to visit that rural part which would make our holidays memorable, simply because it offered a different life in comparison to the urban life.

However, not all of us retain the craving to visit the rural parts which we enjoyed once upon a time. This is because the urban life has made travelling and almost everything easier for us. Unlike the urban areas, the rural parts of most countries have lesser transport connectivity. Apart from just the connectivity issues to the rural parts, connectivity to different places itself is a major issue. In order to solve this barrier in an innovative manner, an online travel portal named Routofy.com was introduced.

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Routofy.com was launched in India in order to reimagine the way travellers plan and book their holiday. Today, there are innumerable travel booking websites and agents who cater to the public with their services. But, not all of them are convenient in their approach. Differentiating itself from other travel service portals, Routofy.com lets its user to have easy access to all modes of transport in a go with just a button tap. A Routofy user can easily view not only the prices for various transport means, but can also view their schedules and other options along with ready-to-book combos.

What does Routofy offer?

Apart from the above mentioned advantages, Routofy also ensures to provide seamless and comprehensive door-to-door travel bookings. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, Routofy’s process is carried out by assisting the travellers by accompanying them throughout their journey and helping them with the last-minute conveyance booking, online check-ins, trip reminders, delay alerts and much more. Henceforth, when a traveller uses Routofy, he/she can avail complete travel assistance along with alternative transportation modes in case of delays or cancellations.

Apart from the online platform, Routofy also has a mobile app through which anyone can access their seamless services on the go. Their mobile app is anticipated to bring about a revolution in the travel sector owing to the increased smartphone penetration in the country. Also, the mobile app aims to reduce the increased time and efforts taken while planning a tour. Although in 2015, Routofy successfully launched a route-planner that allowed its users to easily find directions to their destinations, yet they faced hassles when it came to multiple bookings for these routes by themselves. In order to overcome these hassles, Routofy worked towards offering the feature of booking an entire multi modal journey in one shot.


What gave way to the Launch of Routofy?

The birth of Routofy took place with the ordeal that Ronak Gupta (CEO and Co-founder) faced when he planned to globetrot while in France. While planning his holiday, Ronak faced major issues of finding suitable ways to reach to his desired destination. Apart from just the routes, he also has problems in coordinating the different modes of transport, along with their pricing and durations.

Ronak describes that “I used to open multiple tabs for flight, train, bus schedules and prices. A lot of the times, a good direct option wasn’t available. Sitting with Google maps, I tried to find alternate and indirect connections to my destination. Once back in India, I realised that the problem assumes complex proportions here, as the system is much more complicated.”

As mentioned earlier, the initial idea of Routofy was conceived when Ronak was in Europe through IIT Delhi’s exchange program in 2012. The work on the route-discovery platform began in 2014, when both the co-founders were still in college at IIT Delhi. However, in 2016, Routofy’s multi-modal booking platform and app were launched to everyone and have been fully functional since then.

The founders of Routofy launched its services to not only add potential value to the lives of travellers, but they also saw that Indian market will prove to be an apt place for it as a lot of Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s)were not up to the mark.

Who are the Brains behind the Discovery of Routofy?

Ronak Gupta is the CEO and co-founder of Routofy. He holds a degree from IIT Delhi and is partnered by Abhishek Agarwal, who is also an IIT graduate from Delhi. However, Routofy is also backed with a determined team that is working on creating a visionary platform to solve the travel woes. Routofy’s team consists of professionals from Microsoft and Amex amongst others.

Has Routofy received any funds so far?

Yes, Routofy has received a seed funding from Snap deal founders; Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal. This undisclosed fund will be used by the venture to increase their team and enhance their technological services. The company is also looking forward to acquire a Series ‘A’ funding in the coming days. Talking about the company’s business model and its revenue generation, the company majorly generates revenue through the commissions acquired by the vendors along with the conveyance fee that is given for booking the coordinated itineraries. However, in comparison to other portals that offer travel services, Routofy charges its users with minimal prices and ensures to keep the user engaged on their app throughout the journey.

  • So far, the venture has received great response from its users and has achieved more than 10,000 app downloads on Android and iOS platforms.
  • Currently, Routofy has more than 10 companies who use their services for their corporate travel needs.
  • Their current target includes having about 50,000 app downloads by the next quarter. However, the start-up is also looking forward to offer intelligent travel technology to its users along with the integration of hospitality.
  • Their multi-modal services also include point-to-point connectivity, offers express single checkout, offers connectivity to remotest locations along with complete travel assistance.
Globetrot with Ease via any Mode of Transport with Routofy
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