Take the Frrole way: Social Intelligence is here to stay

Bangalore based Frrole is a social intelligence platform, Founded in January 2014, Frrole has grown leaps and bounds to be one of the world’s most successful social intelligence companies with a clientèle ranging from Fortune 500 companies to top global media and advertising agencies like Unilever, Disney, Microsoft, Samsung, Mindshare, Grey Worldwide, Zoom TV, Times Now, Group M, UV Group, Flipkart, Atlantic, and TDP just to name a few. According to Amarpreet, “Social listening tells you about the social media conversations happening on around brands or products. We use these conversations to tell you what is truly happening inside your business.”

Frrole has derived its name from a Punjabi word which means ‘serendipitous discovery’. This startup scans Twitter and collects news on myriad topics entered by users, news which are relevant to almost 55 cities across six countries.


Then, it filters the Twitter feeds that are non-abusive, more positive, and recent, thereby making them great plug-ins for television channels and websites. For example, a television show wants to improve audience participation; so it prompts viewers to send in their votes or weight in their opinions through Facebook and Twitter. Frrole then analyses all these social conversations and relays these back to the show real-time.  Besides this, Frrole can also merge social signals coming from Facebook and Twitter with the BARC ratings for television shows to see correlations between a show’s rating and its popularity on social media. Extending it further, Frrole can also help an agency develop an application to improve the way it matches advertisers with relevant shows.


Frrole has a partnership with Twitter for elevated data access, and a media solutions partnership with Facebook.  Coupled with its proprietary powerful social intelligence engine, Frrole has the ability to analyse hundreds of millions of universal data sets in real-time for whom, it performs extensive analysis across semantic, metadata and statistical dimensions. It leverages standard and custom-built algorithms around Natural Language Processing (NLP), Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Clustering to do this analysis.

While talking about Frrole’s future plans, the Co- Founder and CEO, Amarpreet Kalkat revealed, “We really want to build a kind of thing that people haven’t seen around. Not only in terms of business success, but also in terms of the kind of people we have, in terms of technology we build, in terms of our way of life, in terms of how we value team mates, customers and all other stakeholders. We think that social data is the best data set to understand the consumer, and if we can master it, we can build the Google of social web.”

Farrole 1

Amarpreet believes that software is pretty dumb though most people don’t think so. So, it requires healthy dose of data that would make it more intelligent, just as knowledge makes humans so. There are 4 large data sets in this world – Traditional Web Data, a data set that Google has mastered. Captive Data, a data set that BI tools help organizations explore. Social Web Data, a data set that is perhaps the best data set to understand consumers at scale. And a more emergent data set originating from sensors and mobile devices. The Frrole team always hoped to become the Google of the social web – the master of the 3rd data set. So far, the startup has managed to successfully sell people intelligence to marketers and it is not the only one offering this, but is definitely one of the handful who truly, honestly have substance to back some otherwise noisy claims around technology and innovation.

Take the Frrole way: Social Intelligence is here to stay
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