The Path to Discovery: Shouut in your vicinity

Imagine an app that helps you to discover places, tracks events and offers around your location and as far as business is concerned, it also enables the extension of business deals to users around their business location as well– that’s Shouut for you! Its’s a social discovery app and India’s largest recommendations platform. This app is divided into five categories namely food & drinks, music & night life, shopping, travel & stay, and leisure & outdoor. It uses geolocation and offers useful recommendations from local experts.

In the words of its founder, Praveer Kochhar, “Shouut is a Fun, Easy & Intelligent Local to Local Discovery and Proximity marketing platform.” Praveer, who is also a co-founder of Ideas & Solutions and an investor, the most popular motorcycling platform in India, harped upon the idea of starting Shouut in the most unique way – while crossing the densely populated area of Sarojini Nagar and the famous Hauz Khas village in Delhi.

In a recent interview to Onionfans, he said, “I saw multiple people on the road shouting the offers which were going on at those restaurant or street vendors shop. That was proximity marketing at the most basic level. This process seemed expensive, time consuming with 100% human intervention. An idea thus generated from there – is there a way local businesses can reach out to local consumer when they are around them more effectively and efficiently. I wanted to create an easier dynamic system so that any marketing manager could create a campaign at any given moment depending on the location of the consumer. From a consumer perspective, I decided to solve a simple consumer problem of discovery – out of home and outside of office, can I provide a platform to help the user decide what to do and where to go, without having to download multiple apps. With these objectives, Shouut was launched in July 2015.” Headquartered in Delhi, it also has offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru – such is the presence of this start up in relatively short span of time.

Shouut works on a smart model – one that is based on content aggregation and curation rather than self-creation. This enables it to focus on technology superiority without having to invest in large on-ground teams, thus providing for easy business scale-up opportunities. Though not a profitable company yet, it has a strong revenue model comprising of:

  • Advertising revenue from brands through Shouut App and web version (the proximity marketing platform)
  • Redemption fee from conversion specific ads
  • Commission on ticket sales

Right from its’s inception, Praveer has so far infused around $500k in the business venture. Shouut has secured a $500,000 in angel funding from a high net-worth individual angel investor based in India. He plans to utilize this money towards strengthening mobile and web technology, analytics platform and marketing.

When it comes to evaluating a startup, Praveer believes that the three most important performance indicators in evaluating a startup are cash flow, revenue model, and scalability.


No business can survive without a healthy competition, and for Shouut it’s no different. Though fairly new in the market, this start up already has established competitors like Zomato, Trip Advisor and Book My Show. To quote Kochhar, “There are many local or city specific platforms too like Little Black Book, SO Delhi, The Daily Pao etc. But, we have collaborated with multiple content generators like these to provide the user with multiple categories in a single app.”

However, the USP of Shouut is believed to help it sail through smoothly in the competitive market as it “relies on expert recommendations rather than user reviews to recommend a place. Shouut also provides content across multiple categories, thus eliminating the need for multiple apps. On Shouut, user can discover amazing places, events, experiences and offers on a single platform. Shouut also uses advanced algorithms to deliver proximity marketing solutions for advertisers, which delivers amazing ROI.”

Given the rate Shout is growing, we would like to draw the readers’ attention to some of the promising objectives that this startup has aimed to achieve.

  • To become the preferred destination platform for discovery among its users.
  • Partner with over 500 brands for proximity marketing campaigns.
  • Partner alliances and user acquisition will be the focus for the next year.
  • Continuously follow the path of innovation in technology through new features to stay ahead.

Shouut out and touch glorious heights – this seems to be the mantra of upcoming company.

Explore your life in a simple, easy way through Shouut. Click on this amazing video to find out how.

The Path to Discovery: Shouut in your vicinity
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