Wear It All Sexy With Prettysecrets!

How hesitant are we, especially women, to even enter into a lingerie store and exit? After you have crossed the tough mile of entering and found that there is an opposite gender at the store, oh my god! A million questions in our minds as to how to start approaching about our favorite type of bra or panty, the right fit and worried about what the other person rendering you service is thinking about. The picture is totally embarrassing right?

Prettysecrets have made this more comfortable for you and me by going online and has transformed embarrassment into pleasing shopping experience by providing all that you want with just a click away. No more ugly reactions from salesperson or difficulty with sharing personal information about your body vitals in direct.


What are Prettysecrets pretty good at?

Prettysecrtes is an online portal where one can find a wide range of bras, panties, lingerie sets, sleepwear, shape ware, swimwear, active wear and dresses. Be it current trendy types or your close-to-heart ones, you never get a “NO” like you usually get responded at the stores. They stand as the first and best online lingerie, providing convenience and comfort to millions of customers across. With a catalog of 1400+ products, the online shopping on Prettysecret has awestruck men and women who now will have a lot more to chose from, and not being a stereotype about lingerie.

Who came with this comforting plan?

In 2012, Karan Behal brought to the light about shopping lingerie online. Understanding a woman is difficult, some say; but Karan has certainly woven the right string to catch the attention of many women who are presently really happy shopping lingerie online with Prettysecrets. Having brilliant knowledge of women clothing, Karan wanted to get intimate connection with women’s thoughts for lingerie, who actually knew the hesitating process of shopping at stores and came up with such mind-relieving concept.


Urge to go online

The flourishing Prettysecrets was first brought into departmental stores like shoppers stop and pantaloons. Having past businesses in women’s wear of their own and internet being on boom stage to all marketers, gave them a thought of going online. After nine years of offline struggle they got online, the level of response was remarkable and their level of integrity reached heights. Overcoming competition from other online biggies like Myntra, Amazon, Snapdeal and Zivame was indeed a great challenging hurdle which leaded them to be pioneers in this particular set of stage.

To expand to international countries on a larger scale, Prettysecret has joined hands with Sonk.com in UAE, also looking forward to reach out to Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The greatly determined company is also planning to be covering customers in few more Middle East and South East Asian countries. The company continuously aims to increase its annual sales on a better scale. Prettysecret is beyond comparison with other lingerie brands in terms of varieties.

Based on the MTC Ecom Pvt.Ltd, Prettysecret raised a series A fund of 12 crore from Rehan Yar Khan’s Orios Venture Partners with Indian Angel Network (IAN) and Indian quotient. They are prepared to set a series B funding of about 90-100 crores. Even though the founder Karan, denied to reveal certain details on the funds, mentioned the importance of strong supply chain of the products on Prettysecret. He also mentioned about coming up with an application which would be even more convenient for the consumers.


The discrete package method of Prettysecrets is quite interesting and cute to mention which any women would love to dispatch, surely with a ‘million dollar smile’. It pretty much seems like you order your choice of lingerie and it comes as a gift to your doorstep. The package as you can see comes with an outer cover which is grey, makes curious people ignore from looking. It is then packed in a sufficiently small pink box within which the Prettysecrets’ secret is hidden. This kind of creative yet expensive package definitely attracts a lot of women.

Wear It All Sexy With Prettysecrets!
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