Devops is no Cake Walk But it is worth the Gamble

There is a maturity chart for Devops. You maybe very very slow on the maturity level and might take many years to come up to the maturity level.Its a process, its a very slow process, But you got start somewhere. Just take it piece by piece.


IT industry, which is plummeting high on data transactions and services, is constantly innovating and changing its mannerism to enhance its customer experience and at the same time making its system environment highly sophisticated. Time and again, they have shown us that they are risk takers. Having said that, they bear data experiments to  mobilize industries with gen next solutions which are sometimes implicit but are always addressing the pain points. IT industry has come up with a dynamic and persuasive program, ‘Devops’.

Devops, a rational solution to fast delivery unifies two roles, development and operations, stresses on communication and integration between them into one. It focuses on removing the pecking order and maintaining glassiness between departments. It provides astute high level design where all the engineering hinges on the cloud and provides Continuous Delivery. It is cost effective, enables clients to grab opportunities in the market and reduces time for customer feedback.

Devops is a culture in itself and adopting it into an organization is no cake walk. John Buhl, Head of Devops and Technical Operations of Hiscox, a US based Insurance Company says,”Devops is an ongoing process. We are still in a process of adopting it and it is probably something that never will ever be finished. The key criteria to adopting yourself is to get on with the shift involved upfront. You need to have support from your executives and that is critical and if you don’t get that upfront then you are bond to fail. In order to be a Devops organization, you need to be an Agile organization first. Ou need have agile mindset, agile culture, they really go hand-in-hand. Agile is a methodology, a process which involves building and learning whereas Devops is more kind of related to IT.”

Speed is the need of the hour. Be it any industry, speedy results is what all customers thirst for. Optimizing the production process is something that IT industry has been trying to do in the past decade to compeer to the speedy demands of clients. With introduction of agile, a lightweight software development method.,IT methodologies took an upturn and began to set the bar high.

With Devops, the software production has become faster which in turn is rapidly changing the market scenario or software companies which includes startup as well. According to John,”the smaller companies, the startups have clearer advantage because it is easier for them to adopt devops,cloud and agile. The bigger companies have a hard time of being disruptive and accepting change in their organization. So this gives a huge advantage to those companies, especially the startup companies to break into the market and be more disruptive hence you can see that the smaller companies have more advantage and legitimacy over larger companies.”

Devops breaks bureaucratic barriers, silos in an organization, making it a transparent culture for the employees. It creates a platform for developers who previously use to work in dark niches as ‘citizen developers,’ to showcase their talent away from operations team just to keep things hidden as exchanging of data was a taboo then. But now it is a thing of the past as John says “Once you are a larger organization, you tend to introduce more products, procedures, processes, more bureaucrats which gets complicated.”

“IT in the past was traditionally then a necessary thing to support a business. Now IT is becoming a valuable piece of the business. Software rules the world and every business has some sort of IT in their business and hence IT has become a critical part of every business today. In a way Devops is moving IT companies from the shadow of IT.”

Developers are considered the heart of an organization.Devops gives many hats to developers. They become jack of all and master of none. Is Devops a relief or burden to them? “I don’t think adopting devops is difficult for them.Developers develop in one language and you do that for many years. You don’t do anything else. That paradigm is changing. Developers now are developers, testers, they are into operations. In devops they are given ownership of what they to do and they get to learn new things. It is also kind of enticing for engineers,but if you give an array of options to them then they gravitate to what they like. They really enjoy what they do”says John.

Also security Devops is an often debated topic. Since there is more transparency involved in Devops, loss of information is always feared. But John says that giving full control to engineers to own the application, from inception to creation and all the way to production, having full control of security could be pretty intimidating but one thing in this entire agile, Devops process is you have to put trust before control

Transition is the biggest nightmare for many CIOs. There are many bottlenecks and knowing these bottlenecks will help you address the issue prior to implementing any solution.Continually educating the people in the organization is a key criteria. Not just the IT department people but also the non–technical people about Devops. This helps in smooth transition. The CIO of a company, he or she must think like an Evangelist and continually discuss what change the organization needs and why it needs it.

“There is a maturity chart for Devops. You maybe very very slow on the maturity level and might take many years to come up to the maturity level.Its a process, its a very slow process, But you got start somewhere. Just take it piece by piece” says John.

Devops is no Cake Walk But it is worth the Gamble
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