Drivify: A painless driving experience for car owners!

We dream of many things in our lives like a well-paying job, own house, luxurious car and so on. Especially when we talk about cars, we get excited because of the thrill and adventure involved in driving. Most of us usually like driving our cars and don’t think of hiring drivers. But nowadays, in the ever busy city life, one gets tired of driving his or her car because of jam-packed traffic conditions. It doesn’t make any difference for a day or two, facing the same situation. However, every now and then it becomes a matter of concern for most of us. Drivify, an online platform, emerges as a solution to this very problem as it provides drivers on call.

About Drivify


Incepted as DR Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Drivify offers a simple and an economical solution for every car owner’s on-demand driver requirement. One can book the services over a phone call or using the Drivify mobile app. Keeping in mind your permanent relationship with cars and establishing a temporary and inexpensive relationship with drivers, Drivify emerged as a safe and smart solution for your on-demand driver requirements.

Drivify has identified the city’s best drivers and has the best trainers to upskill them who are available to you on-demand at the tap of an app. They reach you within an hour and you pay them only for what you use. So, “Why Drive, when you can Drivify!”

The enterprise solutions team at Drivify works with several businesses in the automobile industry and manages critical processes for some of the largest brands in this area that ultimately result in cost and resource optimization for its clients along with a better customer experience.

Founders: The ultimate drivers


Prasad Shriyan, Co-Founder & CEO, has handled large teams over the last 15 years in organizations like Thomas Cook, Jet Airways, Kuoni & Zenta, and is known for his perseverance and ability to get things done. Prasad served Thomas Cook as a Vice President for 6 years and then quit the job to pursue his entrepreneurial passion.

Jatin Kamdar, Co-Founder, has over 12 years of combined professional and entrepreneurial experience. While his core competency has always been HR and is known for driving large-scale talent acquisitions, at Drivify he is bringing all his might to the fore by managing enterprise business.

 The driving force behind Drivify

Usually, we don’t wish to have full time drivers and finding a driver in times of need is not an easy task. Negotiations with driver agencies, false commitments on turn around, guiding the driver over call to the place where must come, driver not turning up, under skilled drivers, arbitrary charging etc., has made the entire process of booking a driver a hasty and time consuming one. This is when the idea for Drivify was born in the minds of the founders and their friends who were facing similar problems and strengthened their resolve to address this service issue in the market. These problems were the driving factors behind the launch of Drivify.

The team started toying with the idea in late 2014, and finally launched the app in March 2016, after all the creeping delays, missed deadlines and their quest to launch a perfect product. During this prolonged waiting period in an interesting turn of events, the team decided to launch a B2B solution too which had nil dependency on the technology that was under development.

Drivify: The concept and the product


Drivify’s concept is very simple; that is making driver booking as simple as booking a cab. For this you need car owners (who are willing to hire drivers) and drivers (willing to offer their services).

The platform is created keeping in mind the user convenience and safety where a car owner can book a driver through the app and pays for what he uses. The bill is auto-generated through the Drivify system basis usage and applicable rates and payment is debited from the customer’s pre-configured digital wallet. Drivers are paid a fixed amount for a certain number of hours in the day as per published schedule and are also given productivity incentives which keeps them motivated to perform better and other incentives aimed at enhancing customer experience during service.

Drivify’s B2B solution consists of pick-up and delivery of vehicles to-and-fro customer location to client location. This includes complying with client process of inventory/damage logging, customer satisfaction survey and cash management. Drivers are sourced as per the vehicle type and client’s requirements.

Funding with future objectives

The founders initially pooled in some money to start developing the product and digital marketing to bring in the early set of customers. In June 2016, the startup has raised $50,000 in seed funding from Citrus Pay founder Jitendra Gupta and a high net-worth individual Pankaj Tripathi. The startup will use the funds to improve and expand the platform, acquire customers and give incentives to drivers. Drivify is all set to raise one more seed round of funding in September 2016.

Drivify has been rated the highest in the category and has +4.8 rating in the playstore. Focusing on the issues related to customer experience on the app while booking, turn-around time, driver appearance, the way drivers communicate, how the customer is billed and how the payment is collected along with the back office communication with customers and of course how customer concern/dissonance is handled; the start-up is satisfied with what it is offering to the customers and clients.

The company sets its immediate objective to reach to 250 plus average transactions per day in Mumbai while maintaining the customer satisfaction rating.

Market and the Competition


Drivify plays well in the local transportation industry where it provides drivers to its customers and clients on a call or through its mobile app. The company thinks that it is quite difficult to estimate the capacity of the market while playing in a large unorganized sector. Projections will keep changing as new price points for this service, booking methods, availability of service are being continuously rewritten by organized players. As per the usage of motor vehicle data in the country, the market size is expected at around $200 million. At the same time, the startup hopes that the ability to deliver related services can have a 20X multiplier effect.

In this sector, Drive U and DriversKart are the two big players which can be considered as competitors for Drivify. Taxi companies such as Uber and Ola could also be considered to be a competition in a certain way.

But the main competitors for Drivify are the hundreds of traditional driver service agents Mumbai alone who have created their own small network of drivers and cater to their network of customers. However, the Drivify’s customers find booking services far easier, reliable and inexpensive on its platform. One of its biggest differentiator is the payment option i.e., paying only for what customers use.

As compared to few other driver service agents who offer booking options on app, Drivify’s app, powered by proprietary booking engine, searches for available drivers within a particular distance who is skilled to drive the customer’s vehicle type and offers instant confirmation.

Drivify is beating all the challenges and competitors with its strength, the quality of services it provides compared to others. The reflection of this can be witnessed through customer satisfaction ratings and app store ratings as well. The company is currently seeing its weakness in the limitation of the app that can accept the payment only through the digital payments. Drivify is also working in the formulation of additional payment options where users will be able to choose their preferred payment choice and make cash payments if that’s what they are most comfortable with.

 Few difficult moments

As we all know that success cannot be achieved so easily. There will be times when we need to have patience and courage to handle the adverse situations. Drivify is not an exception and has faced issues prior to its launch. One firm, in the same industry, with a similar name and logo has started its business in Bangalore at a time when Drivify earlier wanted to launch itself with a different name, Drive Me. This made the founders to rethink about the brand name and finally they came me up with a name, Drivify, which is trusted by many in today’s local transportation industry. With this learning from the difficult times it faced, the start-up wants every budding entrepreneur to discover their hidden strengths by converting their ideas into reality while enjoying the journey and the experience.


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