Entrepreneurship is not everyone’s cup of tea!

In the era of booming startup industry, everyone wants to try their hands in entrepreneurship. Even it is good to give a thought on this as the human brain with its analytical and logical proficiency can produce the most innovative business ideas. Everything is fine till here, but mere having an idea will not qualify you to become an entrepreneur. You need to possess many more qualities to become a successful entrepreneur.

In this article, we are going to see the reasons why entrepreneurship is not everyone’s cup of tea, meaning everyone cannot become entrepreneurs. The title of the article title seems to be a negative, but in fact, it is not, one can learn from the mistakes of others. Therefore, I am going to list out few reasons why someone should drop an idea of becoming entrepreneur.

  1. Consider work as Passion: Usually, we consider work as ‘work’ and thereby looking for its completion as soon as possible so that we can take rest afterword. We concentrate more on our salaries, free time, weekends and vacations rather than to be passionate about the satisfaction of our clients or customers. But, entrepreneurs don’t work instead they immersed themselves totally in serving their community, their niche, their customers, and their market. They don’t look for their remunerations as we do and have passion to serve the needs of the market. Thus, if you cannot make your work your passion, don’t even think of becoming an entrepreneur.
  2. Think beyond Adequate: We, at our individual jobs, stick to or restrict ourselves to the defined ‘Job Description’. But in reality, no job is designed for people to do their best. Therefore, one must always strive to be better to make a room for improvement. This is what entrepreneurs do. They think beyond the adequate and really change the world and potentially make a lot of money in the process.
  3. Come out of Conventional Mindsets: It’s no one’s fault, but social conditioning makes us believe that working for someone else, being an employee, is secure. It’s almost like a religion that you have accepted unquestioningly and will never speak out against. But to become an entrepreneur, you must come out of this shell of conventional mindsets. When you become an entrepreneur, you are still not secure, but you are at least now the one in the driving seat. Entrepreneurs do not depend on others and thus drive and control their own destiny.
  4. Don’t depend others advise or approval: Entrepreneurs don’t seek others advise and never depend on their approvals. Being employees we tend to seek the approvals from our colleagues, bosses, and managers. This is the basic difference between the attitude of entrepreneurs and employees. Therefore, it is advisable not to seek any approval from others especially from employees.
  5. Risks and challenges: Being entrepreneur is a very risky and challenging. Entrepreneurs like to take the risks and face challenges on their success path. On the other hand, employees avoid risks and secure their life by buying properties, Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds, Insurance Policies and SIPs. By doing this they put boundaries to their development and hence choose their destiny of being lifelong employees. Entrepreneurs expect better from their time, money and efforts and know that successful enterprises are built on the foundations of risk that give better returns than that of the best Wealth Manager can ever deliver.
  6. Reasons for being Entrepreneur: Do have a valid reason behind your wish to become an entrepreneur. The one of the most important reason is that you have an idea. Ideas are not special and carries no merit as any half decent chap out there can crap out ideas like it is no one else’s business. Therefore, you should have an idea that can be turned into a business model and create the value for the customers or users. Apart from this, people have many reasons like, no job or not happy with the current job, want to become rich in no time etc. These reasons will not let you become an entrepreneur at all.

Are you still dreaming to become an entrepreneur? If yes, do the things that entrepreneurs do not the ones that employees do. After all, it takes hard work, commitment, intuition, sacrifice to become an entrepreneur. If you are ready for that welcome to the craziest and innovative world, the world of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is not everyone’s cup of tea!
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