Pursue Your Passion with Alterbeat!

Passion is the driving factor in life! It keeps you alive. Most of us as youngsters must have nurtured many dreams such as becoming a musician, teacher, photographer, social worker, coach and so on. However, as we grew up, the priorities may have changed and taking on these roles might have seemed impossible. Deep down, many of us still nurture the desire to involve ourselves in such things apart from fulfilling our roles at work or even taking up it on a full time basis.

When it comes to getting information about these positions as a part time or a full timer, it takes a lot of effort not only from the ones looking out for such roles but also for the employers looking to hire such people. The absence of a platform that could provide various opportunities spread over varied skill sets and commitment types is what gave shape to Alterbeat; a platform that could rightly address such issues.

About Alterbeat

In September 2015, Kaavya launched the Facebook page to understand how people would respond to a platform such as this. Following this they launched the BETA version of in February 2016.  An absence of a platform that could help aspirants passionate about pursuing career aspirations was the driving factor behind the launch of Alterbeat.

It is the only organized platform in India that aggregates opportunities with varied levels of commitment across multiple alternative fields. It also provides valuable service to those looking forward to pursue these fields alongside their current careers, addressing apprehensions related to job security and income.

Both the job seekers and the enterprises, big or small, stand to benefit from Alterbeat’s services. While other platforms provide profiles of MBAs, IT engineers and accountants, Alterbeat provides access to individuals with specialized skill sets. The testimony to this lies in the fact that organizations are already using Alterbeat’s services: HuffPo India for reporters and editors, Uber India for design managers, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) India for volunteers amongst many.

They have not yet monetized their services as their current focus is on building awareness about the platform. However, their business model will be based on listing + promotion packages for employers.

Know The Founders

Both the Co-founders of Alterbeat were colleagues at Godrej and coming together to form this company made the work much easier.

Kaavya Gupta, CEO & Co-founder

Kaavya Gupta, CEO & Co-founder of Alterbeat, is an Economics graduate from University of Delhi and a Young India Fellow (Ashoka University). In her previous roles, she has led the e-commerce marketing initiatives for Godrej’s gourmet food retail chain, Godrej Nature’s Market, and also the marketing and communication initiatives at Coca-Cola India and Harley-Davidson India.

Gayatri Gaekwad, Design Director & Co-founder

Gayatri Gaekwad, Design Director & Co-founder of Alterbeat, is an interaction designer from Massachusetts College of Art & Design. She has previously led communication design initiatives at Godrej Consumer Products and design initiatives at Angiogenesis Foundation, a non-profit medical organization in the US.


Alterbeat has not raised any funds yet but is looking forward to raise funds in the future.

Competitors & Big Players

Alterbeat is a pioneer as it is the only primary structured social networking service provider for those pursuing interests in alternative fields. However, there are other players like LinkedIn,, and who offer service for those pursuing corporate careers.

In India, there are many informal groups on existing social media platforms that are the primary forums for sharing opportunities in alternative fields. There are other players too who offer opportunities for a particular field/job type. However, Alterbeat’s competitive advantage lies in the fact that they:

  • Focus on opportunities in alternative fields
  • Provide easy access to alternative job opportunities through a structured platform
  • Provide captive community of uniquely skilled individuals
  • Are strong, approachable and relatable brand

Success and Recognition

Alterbeat is gaining fast recognition as it has received listings from organizations such as TIME Asia, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) India, Uber India, Huffington Post India, Only Much Louder (OML), Amani Institute (in Kenya & Brazil) among many others just within two months of launching the BETA version of

It is also the only start-up selected from India and among top 50 chosen out of 30 countries for Southeast Asia’s largest accelerator program by the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) and the Govt. of Malaysia.


Alterbeat’s understanding of their target audience is their biggest strength. Being part of Gen Y and actively pursuing a creative passion and therefore being members of Alterbeat’s target audience, has enabled them to curate opportunities and devise their marketing strategy based on how they would respond.

Future Goals

Alterbeat’s vision is to become the primary social network service for those pursuing interests in alternative fields. They are currently working on building the next version of their platform with further enhancements and new tech features to ensure a smooth experience that complements their users’ psyche and behaviour.

It might be difficult to predict the capacity of the market as the market for recruitment in alternative fields is at a very developing stage. Alterbeat is the only player in this space in India.

Advice to Startups  

Alterbeat’s successful journey thus far is a revelation of the fact that if you are clear of the end goal and vision, then things will work out. It may not go as per the plan. However, there will be always be another way to meet your final objectives.

Pursue Your Passion with Alterbeat!
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