ThreatQuotient raises $12.5 million to Expand Reach

ThreatQuotient Inc has raised $12.5 million, eight months after a $10 million raise a few months ago, according to a report in Washington Business Journal.

ThreatQuotient is a cyber company, founded by Wayne Chiang and Ryan Trost, and is the only Threat Intelligence platform that manages and correlates unlimited external source, according to a report in Crunchbase.

The latest raise in funding gives the company additional resources for the development of its software platform, wherewithal for international expansion and give its sales and marketing arm a facelift, according to Czupak.

“The theory was ‘let’s put some money behind it,’” Czupak said. “Let me build an executive team and put in place all of the components of a fast-moving, powerful company. If we see the evidence that this is actually happening at the rates that we expect, then let’s double down and accelerate things”, Czupak added.

The management team at ThreatQuotient comprises former Sourcefire Chief Marketing Officer Marc Solomon who is on board as the CMO, while former sales director Marty Weber joined as senior vice president for worldwide sales, as is Tom Ashoff  who took a similar designation at ThreatQuotient.

Czupak expects revenue to triple every year for the next few years, but declined to speak on ThreatQuotient’s current revenue.

The company has expanded into international markets in a period spanning last six months and has further built its workforce from 10 to 60 employees since John Czupak took over the leadership in October.

ThreatQuotient raises $12.5 million to Expand Reach
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