Now Dhobi is also a click away!

If you don’t want to spend your weekend by just washing clothes or you just don’t feel like washing your clothes after a long tired day, you have a magical solution in your hand called “Hello Dhobi”.  Just 24 hours and you are ready for your work with neat and clean ironed clothes. Whether its general laundry, dry cleaning or ironing, you simply need to make call and your on demand Dhobi is at your doorstep. Is it not interesting! Now you do not need to spoil 4-5 hours of your weekend just   dealing with your messy clothes.

Who are they?

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HelloDhobi  is a Pune based registered trademark owned by HelloDbhobi Dry-cleaners Private Limited. In April 2015 Arman Verma, an alumus of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies and Kunal  Sachnandani, from Symbiosis International University,  comes with a solution to one’s everyday problem of washing clothes, and HelloDhobi was a result of it. And, since then we have the most simplest and convenient laundry service in India. Washing, Ironing, Dry cleaning, Shoes and bag cleaning, commercial laundry, starching, bleaching, dyeing or stain removal, all is done by just a click, call, text message or WhatsApp. With a free pick-up service and affordable price rate, wouldn’t our life become easier! Not only working people even home makers can be benefited by this. Especially the old people who are unable to do cloth and shoes cleaning, this is a perfect option for them.  They also offers subscription services to retail customers and also targets small restaurants, big hotels as well as clinics and hospitals.


According to a website report on Techcircle, HelloDhobi has raised an undisclosed amount in angel funding from Hong Kong-based investment firm Swastika Company Ltd and some Mumbai-based individuals. They report also mentions that the founders will use the funds to expand operations in Pune and hire staff across verticals.

Competition and Success

These days we usually come across different startups. Startups definitely open up the way to achievement, but at the same time it needs a lot of hard work. Kunal Sachnandani, one of the founders, says “establishing a base in the highly competitive laundry market wasn’t very easy for, but as we understood their target market better than their competitors, we have been able to occupy a unique position in the market within a very short span of time. Our main focus at this moment is to educate the consumers about the on-demand concept and make them realize the efficiency of the service, for this we offer trials of the service and discounts to people who help them spread the word about their service”.

In coming years..

The company will not only provide benefit to Pune people, but also planning to expand their services to other places like Noida, Gurgaon, and Bangalore. Arman Verma says in a web report on Techcircle “The Company plans to expand beyond Pune by the end of the year but has yet to decide which city to enter first. “Mumbai would be a very clear target for us. But expanding in Mumbai immediately would mean accelerated cash burn and more difficulties in identifying our target demographic. Hence, we are seriously looking at Noida, Gurgaon and Bangalore. We will expand to Mumbai once we raise sufficient funds”.

Now Dhobi is also a click away!
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