Pesticide free veggies on your way

Eating food is essential for our living but eating right and fresh stuff is same important, as it monitors our health. In today’s busy life we eat whatever we get. We hardly give a thought on what is healthy for us. We find all different kind of edible stuffs and eat them up in any way we find.  Getting healthy edibles is a big deal these days. Especially the fruits and vegetables which we consume on the daily basis have to be fresh and hygienic. We always look for someone who could provide us fresh, high quality, hygienic Veggies and fruits.  Every day you cannot take time from your busy schedule to buy your hand-picked fruits and vegetables. Even if you buy them fresh sometimes it becomes rotten or stale in no time. So, to all these problems Praveen Kumar, Puneet Gulati, Rishubh Khurana and Sankalp Chandhok, in 2015, came with a solution, called Lemon Leaf.


Upgrade your life!

Lemon Leaf is a supply chain startup working on the problem of providing high quality and hygienic vegetables & fruits to consumers in both whole and pre-cut form. Bases in New-Delhi, the startup is working to build world class process and technology for fresh processed food. The basic principle of the business is to maintain the shelf life of the whole and pre-cut food items. They provide fruits and vegetables which are cleaned with ozonated water aided by ultrasonic technology, which not only make it healthy by removing pesticide and microbes but also increases its shelf life. So, they just let you eat right and upgrade your life!


In July 2016, the company has raised its first external funding. In a VCcircle report, Co-founder, Praveen Kumar, an alumnus of IIM Lucknow, says that “the funding has been raised mainly to set up the company’s sole processing facility at Dwarka in South West Delhi. The facility has a capacity of processing 50,000kg of products a day”. In the same report, Mr. Kumar also added, “the startup mobilized nearly 90 lakh from Tushar Gupta and Sourav Sahni, the founders of supermarket chain Daily Delite”.


It’s very difficult for the company to play safe and hold their position in market with the strong competitors. Lawrencedale Agroprocessing India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, White Shadow Technology Pvt. Ltd,Mumbai,  Siddhivinayak Agri Processing Pvt. Ltd., Pune, are some major competitors for Lemon Leaf.

Motivation and Success

Lack of reputed brand in packaged vegetables opened the way to the establishment of this company. Initially the company used to sell 1500Kg a day, which was later on planned to be increased. The work started with 15 vegetables is planned with 30 vegetables now.


The companies like Lemon Leaf always inspire our lives. Making human life healthy is the best thing you can do to human kind. They are in the process of making our life pesticide free and save our lives from passive poison. The other startups, mainly the agriculture related one, should also have the same principle of making food pesticide free and let lead us healthy and hygienic life.

Pesticide free veggies on your way
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