Neuron: Revolutionizing Data Management with Advanced Technology


Having the power to use your textual data in the way you seem most appropriate gives you all the control over your data. This holds true for any organization. With an intention to offer such solutions, Neuron emerged with a technology that gives power to exercise control over your data thereby creating revolution in the Internet industry. Neuron is a SaaS based online business based in India that is projected to become one of most advanced technology platforms to predict consumer behaviour.

Apparently, 43 Billion dollars are being spent every year on consumer acquisition/retention and over 50 percent goes waste considering little or no knowledge of users or their behaviour outside of their interaction while browsing online or buying.

About Neuronme.com

Neuronme.com has built a process that gathers the data about an organization’s users from their past behavior/purchases etc., along with the users’ social behavior on internet to profile them in near real time while perceiving their intent, to provide relevant information to these users to make informed decision. The startup founded in the year 2014 is headquartered in New Delhi.

Neuron intends to position itself to create technology Big Data Marketing Technology that will revolutionize the way organizations look at their data. Neuron’s technology can entrust the marketers to understand their consumers at individual level through their online interaction along with their social behaviour which allows them to take personalized actions (Push/Pull) at scale.

An Edge Over Its Competitors

Neuronme, being a startup is fast gaining popularity and recognition for building a tool that has helped in cutting down the revenue stream of all these businesses/brands. The startup has achieved this feat by making it easy for people to sell stuff on social networks by advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Much of the success of Neuronme can be attributed to its open and free work culture. They don’t believe in hiring people but collaborating with people who are willing to work with them for the cause. The team at Neuronme also strongly believes that in future people will know them for their culture and encourage their culture of ‘Think freely & Innovate rapidly’.

The Proficient Team at Neuron

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Virendra Mishra, Co-founder & CEO

Virendra leads the entire designing and business development team at Neuron. He is responsible to create drive effective campaigns over Facebook/Twitter and Reddit for the startup which is propelled by his rich understanding of social media marketing. Virendra is an entrepreneur with over six years of experience in startups. He is a B.E. with specialization in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Nuva College of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur. He is a believer, doer, designer and loves solving un solvable problems.

He has played a pivotal role in founding one of India’s most promising startups and growing its sales exponentially besides co-founding a social media agency to serve social media needs of small and medium businesses. He also co-founded a Digital Media Production company that helped startups/organizations/NGO’s in making documentaries/short films etc., and grew it to $30000/month Gross Revenues which eventually saw a successful exit.

Aaditya Kakde, Co-Founder & COO

Aaditya has over four years’ experience in sales and marketing in handling operations and inbound sales in Neuronme. As a Co-founder, he leads the entire operations for Legals, Sales, SEO, and SEM. He also plays a crucial role in the Big data analytics engine and profiling the consumers’ and provide personalized offerings based on the intent and behaviour of its customers. He also looks into redefining the new way of ad by pull and push method and the best way to increase retention, monetization and revenue with highly accurate analytics. He has studied Electronics Engineering from Nuva College of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur.

Rishabh Shukla, CTO/Deep learning Researcher (NLP)

Rishabh is involved in supervising the research and development work of Neuron’s core NLP platform in his role as CTO. He works on the core Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing platform and is also responsible for managing and integrating the work done by the team over the NLP platform, services and products. He has successfully led the project, ‘Neuron Natural Language Processing Platform’ a Neuron’s NLP Platform which provides state-of-the art Deep Learning model via a REST API. He is a B.Tech. in Computer Science.

Abhishek Jha, Head of Business Development

Abhishek is involved in business development and content crafting as the Head of Business Development. He has done B.E. in Computer Engineering from Nuva College of Engineering & Technology. He has also done PGP in infrastructure Project Engineering and Management, Project Management from NICMAR (National Institute of Construction Management and Research, Pune).

On Its Revenues

Neuronme’s focus right now is to build a super awesome tool for businesses to segment their audience based on their interests and intent to buy. The startup is not focusing on revenues and plan to go freemium unlike all the marketing tools out there. They are unsure of how the company will make money, though they know there are some ways to do it. They don’t want to focus on it right now and work towards making the sales cool again. They firmly believe revenues can come later.

On Its Strengths  

The founders of Neuronme are certain that they are here to stay for a long time. They are confident and forsee their amazing tool lasting for years to come and are not willing to hand it over to someone just yet. They reckon on like-minded people and look forward to work with them who envision similar goals.

Neuron is primarily a machine learning platform for text analysis. It allows developers to understand the Sentiment, Context and Entity around a particular statement, thus helping them listen properly at scale to their customers. Neuronme’s core area of specialities are Sentiment Analysis, Entity Extraction, Semantic Proximity, Topic Modelling, and Machine learning.

More Reasons to Look Forward to Neuron

Neuron by way of its profound learning models gives its clients the power to use their textual data in the way they see most fit. Neuron’s technology built on the core strength of intelligence, speed and reliability helps build its clients’ technology to understand their data better, by extracting intelligent insights through our NLP platform.

Neuron: Revolutionizing Data Management with Advanced Technology
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