Mihup: Your Own Personal Digital Assistant with Artificial Intelligence

Seeking general information, or information on travel, sports, news, location based information, weather, entertainment or any random question might be difficult sometimes. Mihup provides relevant answers to such questions. Mihup, a chat based personal digital assistant with artificial intelligence offers aggregated information from e-space with curated recommendations based on user’s social interest, affordability combined with reviews/ratings given by real people.

Based on your location, likes and network Mihup provides you meaningful results and helps you stay productive by receiving alerts and calls to scheduling meetings. It is your own personal digital assistant that helps you get things done. Mihup can also work on low bandwidth networks and never slows down.

Know More About Mihup 


Mihup was founded in January 2016 and was made available on playstore. It will be made available shortly on other platforms also like Appstore and Windows. Mihup will continue to be available on text messaging platform.

Mihup is making rapid strides in the Information Services industry. Mihup takes user command through voice and chat. In order to get most relevant answers and personalized recommendations, a user needs to interact more with Mihup. The startup has commenced work to build capacities in areas like place a call, send and read SMS on behalf of the user.

Successful Journey  

Mihup’s earlier version is available on text messaging platform. Mihup is at present serving 750,000 unique users and is growing rapidly. Mihup is also available for Smart phone users (Android Platform). Its new avatar is promising with personalized approach and built in Artificial Intelligence thus emerging as everybody’s personal assistance with interaction.

Future Plans

Mihup is working on the next big opportunity of next 500 million users. The startup considers MMI (Man Machine Interface) as the biggest barrier. To address the multiple factors behind this barrier, Mihup has pitchforked the western dev paradigm (unlike China) – which serves the first 200 million (trails of in effectiveness beyond the first 75-80 million).

Mihup has leapfrogged the tech chasm but did not evolve through understanding UX. Most of the people are tech phobic when it comes to interactive communication and are afraid of being judged by a machine for their proficiency.

Mihup strives to be the solution for this with mainly a display less interaction mode for any sort of intermediary communication needed to come to the end result. Depending on the need for its best display, the end result is displayed/enacted. Mihup aspires to the protocol of conversation considering every interaction to be essentially a chat. It wants to sit between the actors (Human or machine) and interpret in a unified common language by removing personal biases or specific terminologies to a generic unbiased one.

Founders of Mihup

Tapan Barman, Co-Founder

Tapan is a co-founder at Mihup and serves as a Personal Digital Assistant. Prior to this, he co-founded Nectar Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. He is a B. Tech in Information Technology. He is also certified in Project Management from IPMA.

Biplab Chakraborty, Co-Founder

Biplab as a co-founder serves as a Personal Mobile Assistant for chat and voice enabled Personal Digital Assistant with AI. He was also the co-founder of Nectar Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd., and was involved in product planning, customer management, service delivery, and fund management. Biplab is a graduate.

Srinivas Koora, Advisor

Srinivas serves as an advisor to Mihup. Prior to this, he was associated with Xelpmoc Design & Tech Private Limited and Just Dial Private Limited in key roles. He is an MBA in Finance.


Mihup recently raised $6.7 million, (close to Rs. 45 crore) from Accel Partners. Overall, the startup has raised 450 Million until now. The company intends to use the capital to develop the software and hardware of Mihup’s speech recognition system and man-machine interface. The final product is expected to be launched by October 2016.

Mihup: Your Own Personal Digital Assistant with Artificial Intelligence
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