Treading the Path Unraveled Before – A Chinese Entrepreneur Committed Towards Connecting Indian Startups with Chinese Investors!

Hutu is the Chief Executive Officer of Onionfans Tech Media Pvt. Ltd. Hutu brings forth deep operational knowledge with comprehensive strategic vision that has played an immense role in the formation of the company. His extensive and rich experience in working on startups that he started back home in China, has provided a strong base in the formation of the company.

Having spent 10 years in working on startups in China and later for Venture Capital firms, he nurtured a dream to start a company that could provide a platform to Indian startups looking for funds and the support they were looking for by connecting them with Chinese investors. This stemmed out from the fact that there was no platform that connected Indian startups with Chinese investors.

While in China, he saw that though there were ample investors but they didn’t know where to invest. He saw an opportunity in India to channelize the money from investors in China to Indian startups. However, there were many challenges that he faced in his endeavor to make this happen. Coming from China, the primary challenge he faced while starting the company was finding a team that resonated similar thoughts and was as passionate as him, and had a desire to come together. Once he overcame this hurdle, there was no looking back!

Hutu says that at present, there is only one company other than Onionfans that offers similar services. He feels that Onionfans certainly has an edge over it as it is focused on making available any kind of money including PE Funds, Venture Capital and Green Land Investments to Indian businesses.

Hutu believes in providing support to Indian startups that are driven by a desire to make a mark with originality as their driving factor. He is also of the opinion that startups with dreams to make big shouldn’t wither for mere want of capital. Onionfans is a platform that rightly serves this purpose. Thus was born Onionfans.

About Onionfans


The company was formed in December 2015. Hutu chose to start the company in India owing to many favourable conditions such as stable economy, promising GDP and an open and safe work culture. Funding for the company came in through Chinese investors. The company has an open work culture and welcomes all. One can get updates on the upcoming events and business tours organized by Onionfans on its website.

On Mission & Vision

The company’s mission and vision is not only to connect India and China but make Asia a great power in the world. The tagline of the company, ‘Capitals worth Connecting’ resonates this mission. Though Onionfans is a platform to connect for capital but it looks beyond that and wants to do more. It wants to become the bridge between India and China by utilizing the power of capital to connect with each other. Onionfans looks forward to connect not only in terms of business but also through culture and experience. It welcomes companies with similar vision to join hands with it and grow together.

Hutu says, “though India and China are neighbouring countries, they know little about each other. India and China are the most populated countries in the world. There has not been any cultural icon from Asia in the past who has put Asia on the world map. No one even remembers the last time the East showed up in the mainstream world.”

He further adds, “20 years ago the word globalization took everyone by storm. The idea of a “global village” never happened. There is also a book named, The World Is Flat. Even after 20 years, people still don’t understand each other and are constantly judging and labelling. This has become more frequent than ever before.”

He hopes one day there will be no boundaries in the world and the countries in the world can set aside prejudices. To achieve that goal, Onionfans is contributing its share which may be too small to start with but will strive to achieve it and do its best to contribute to that.

On its future goals

While speaking on the company’s future goals, Hutu said that the company is focused on connecting Indian startups with Chinese investors by providing an easy access to PE Funds, Venture Capital and Green Land Investments funds and Venture capital to Indian startups. It expects to invest in 100 startups every year by concentrating on seed to A-round startup companies. It also organizes events and business tours to bring the Chinese investors to India.

Being one of the first Chinese Venture Capital in Bengaluru, they know best how to seal a deal between Indian startups and Chinese investors. Besides financial assistance, the Indian startups can look forward to some mentoring courses, and even trips to China to meet the big shots!

Core area of strength of the company

Hutu reiterates the fact that Onionfans is a platform like none other which connects Indian startups with Chinese investors. He believes the core area of strength of the company lies in their committed and exuberant team which believes in taking up challenges head on. This can be gauged from the great response they have received so far from their clients.

Indian startups stand to gain by associating with Onionfans as they can get the much desired funds for their startup, increase the opportunities for growth and most importantly get the much needed support to establish business in this competitive and ever changing world.

Message to Indian startups and startup CEOs

Hutu’s message to Indian startups is to work on an idea that is original, can make a difference, and add value and not on something that already exists. He lays emphasis on being unique and making a plan to execute the same. He believes, if you have these things in place, then success is yours. His message to any first-time startup CEO is to believe in oneself and think deep and plan accordingly.

Hutu graduated from Wuhan University in China and did specialization in Land Management. In his spare time, Hutu reads mostly Chinese books.

Treading the Path Unraveled Before – A Chinese Entrepreneur Committed Towards Connecting Indian Startups with Chinese Investors!
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