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It’s such a pain waiting for the cab and chauffeur. Calling the driver, again and again, can be annoying. You have to go somewhere and do something important and just cannot do anything than waiting for your taxi and driver. Zoomcar comes with a solution to all these problems. You can hire a car and drive it by yourself to wherever you want. Now you can drive according to your ease.

About the company

Zoomcar is a Self-drive car rental company, founded in 2013 by  two Americans David Back and Greg Moran as an India-focused venture. The company allows customers to drive the vehicle themselves. They provide cars at very affordable rate. You can choose the car, according to your need and convenience. From the 5 seater hatchback to the luxurious BMW, all can be booked very easily on Zoomcar.  And, you can take these cars anywhere in India. So rather than struggling in the bus you can hire a car here and have an easy journey.They have started their operation in Bengaluru and now offers self-drive car rental services in other cities too, like Delhi, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata.


The company has raised funding of $ 24,000,000  in a deal led by Ford Smart Mobility. Smart Mobility is a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. “Ford is one of our first OEM partners and they are trying to create an ecosystem around buying a car,” says Moran, in economictimes.indiatimes.com report. This was also the first time when Ford company was investing in any Indian startup. John Larsen, Mobility Director, Ford Asia Pacific, says “Our investment in Zoomcar will help strengthen the company’s role in shaping India’s developing mobility space and provide new transportation options to help make people’s lives better,” in a statement in thehindu.com.   

Future plans

Zoomcar will work on their expansion in  10-15 cities more.  The firm will have their focus on building the technology and product. “With this capital, we plan on expanding our Zoomcar Associate Program (ZAP) which allows users to buy cars registered in the name of Zoomcar,” said Greg Moran, in economictimes.indiatimes.com report. The startup is also planning to add more vehicles and  also will look for a bigger team.  According to the same report Greg estimates that by early 2017, close to 2,000 cars will be added under its marketplace model, ZAP.

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