Stay healthy with Modasta

Concerned about healthcare? Do not have appropriate information about healthcare? Every time you cannot go the doctor to the doctor for every small information. But, you can come to Modasta for all your queries and information. Yo can get information regarding all your healthcare concerns on this single platform.

About Modasta

 Modasta is a digital, multi-lingual health content portal. The company was founded by  former Accenture and Yahoo executive Bikram Barman, IIM alumnus Pankaj Pandey, and Dr. Geethanjali, in 2015. The platform delivers authenticated and relevant information about healthcare. They provide health articles by well known and reputed doctors. You can also go consult a doctor online on the platform. Just write your question, choose your specialist, pay for them and get an answer. The platform provides content in Hindi, English, Tamil, and Telugu. You can also find videos and audios on healthcare. Besides this, they have health forums for similar patients to connect with each other. The main motive of the platform  is to provide information to the consumer and transform healthcare digitally. Now, rather than following any other international health portals like WebMD and Mayo Clinic , Indian can go on their own health content portal. The company claims to have more than one million users within three months of launch.


In July 2016, the startup has raised has raised $1,500,000  from a group of Mauritius-based high networth individuals (HNIs) in angel funding.


Kolkata-based healthcare startup,Tiyo, Bengaluru-based startups Practo and Portea  are some Modasta’s contenders in the space.

Future Plans

Currently, Modasta is working as a team of around 50 people, including doctors and developers. They are planning to double this strength by next year. “The healthcare industry is witnessing a robust growth trajectory, and at Modasta, we are aiming for a large slice of this lucrative US$280 billion industry.As the first of its kind initiative in India, Modasta will service the length and breadth of the country with pertinent content on a plethora of subjects from lifestyle diseases, mental health, women’s health, men’s health, sexual health and pediatrics amongst others. At Modasta, we endeavor to become the first ever one stop shop for health-seekers, something which no other health-tech company has managed to achieve to date in this space.’’said Barman, in inc42.comreport. The firm plans to use the funds for business growth. They will also focus on technology building and marketing.

Stay healthy with Modasta
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