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Lucideus: Cyber security service provider

Cyber attack is growing very quickly these days and cyber security is going to play a key role in it. Protection of  your system, networks and data in cyberspace has been a very important factor. It’s a critical issue for all businesses. Lucideus is a platform, where you have a solution to cyber attack problems.

About the company

Founded by Sanket Modi in 2012, Lucideus is an IT risk assessment and Digital security services provider company. The platform helps other companies to protect their brands, business and dignity from debilitating cyber attacks. The company  offers consultancy, training, and solutions to prevent cyber attacks. The company offers generic and customized products and services to the users for the protection of the web spaces and networks. Lucideus aim for a safe and secure use of technology. They work to reduce the cyber risk so that one can work with minimal disruption in the business. The startup has worked with some leading companies like Coca Cola, ICICI Bank, Standard Chartered, KFC, Indigo, Jet Airways, ShopClues, and Tata Sky.  They are also taking care of the security of Unified Payments Interface (UPI).


Recently, the startup has received angel funding from Amit Choudhary, director of Motilal Oswal Private Equity Advisors. The funding amount has not been disclosed. “Lucideus has shown significant growth in the last four years of their business. They have a strong business model and with the rise of digital in the country, cyber-security is going to play a key role. Lucideus has a clear vision and I am investing in that vision and hope to help Lucideus build a global business,” said Amit Choudhary in a statement in report. The company had also raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Flipkart’s CFO, Sanjay Baweja in July 2016 .

In future  

The company is planning to work on making their team stronger. Also, they are looking for their expansion in India and abroad. According to report, Saket Modi, said “We are happy that Mr. Choudhary decided to invest in us. We have been bootstrapped for 4 years now and have seen significant growth year on year. The funding will further help us to boost our growth and expand operations. More importantly, we are looking at the mentorship. We are a young team and with Mr. Choudhary’s strong background in the finance, we are looking at having the right investment strategy in the future”.

Lucideus: Cyber security service provider
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