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Byndr: for easy mobile learning

Nowadays a mobile phone is the most accessible medium for the internet. One cannot carry laptop and tablet everywhere they go. And, everyone cannot afford to have a laptop or tablet.  But mobile can be carried  anywhere and today most of the people can buy it. So, everything  becomes much easier when it’s done or connected through the mobile phone. Whether it is about ordering something or accessing the internet to collect the information. When everything becomes so convenient through the mobile phone, why not learning! Now there is a platform that offers you to learn through mobile, Byndr. The platform that makes learning materials easily accessible to students and helps them take any competition in life. So, now if you have a mobile phone, Byndr can help you reach your destination.

About Byndr

Byndr is, Hyderabad based, mobile learning management platform. The platform was founded in March 2015 by a team consisting of Joseph Freed, Praveen Vangeepuram and Marc Garabedian in Philadelphia and Satish Nampally and Prashanthi Vangeepuram in Hyderabad.  It is a mobile-first communication and learning management platform. Joseph Freed, co-founder & CEO, said, “In 2017 it is projected that 80% of the internet users in India will be mobile. So the only way to truly create a single point of access for students in mobile-dependent markets like India is with a mobile-first product. With Byndr, students stay engaged and connected to educational resources outside the classroom, enabling the concept of anytime and anywhere learning with a fast and light platform”, according to report. The platform is used by more than 50 colleges in India.  They also claim to have more than 50,000 students on their platform.


The company has received $700K in seed funding from the Education Design Studio (premier Ed-tech accelerator at the University of Pennsylvania), Ben Franklin Technology Partners, and a group of angel investors. “Byndr is creating a solution for emerging economies with lack of persistent internet, lower cost points and the need for a lightweight solution,” said Bobbi Kurshan, Executive Director of academic innovations at The University of Pennsylvania GSE, and chairman of Education Design Studio, which participated in this round, in report.

What next?

With the funds received the startup plans for the expansion of the sales and development team. The firm will continue providing easy-to- use and mobile-first products to all stakeholders in higher education. They will also invest in making educational content more accessible for students.

Byndr: for easy mobile learning
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