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If you are interested in technology and business related news, e27 is the place you can check in. The place where you can find all startup related news.

About e27

eE27 is an online tech media portal. It is a Singapore-based portal founded by Mohan Belani and Thaddeus Jit Siong Koh, in 2007.  The platform produces articles related to startups, funding, entrepreneur profiles, product reviews, and resource articles to level-up the startups. The portal also writes news about community events, talents, investors, mentors, all related to a company. The e27 website covers technology news of Southeast and South Asia. They also cover technology related news from India.


e27 has raised $2,200,000 in its Series A round led by China’s TechTemple Group, in July 2016. Other companies including Singapore’s Venturecraft, China’s Linear Ventures, and Indonesia-based Convergence Ventures and also participated in this round of investment. According to report on inc42.com, Jerry Wang, Founder of TechTemple, said “China’s rapid development of the internet industry brings important lessons and experience to Southeast Asian entrepreneurs, as well as opportunities for cross-border investment and collaboration. However localisation is also very important, hence investing in a platform such as e27 that brings a wealth of local knowledge and connections will be extremely valuable for all stages of entrepreneurs and investors from China.”


Deal Street Asia, Tech In Asia and Digital News Asia, are some platform in the segment that seems to compete with e27.

Future Projects

The company is planning to broaden their knowledge resources. Apart from Southeast Asian market, the platform is also finding ways to participate in the Indian tech ecosystem. “We see a very strong opportunity in working with the investors in China, because the Chinese ecosystem is far ahead of Southeast Asia’s, and there are entrepreneurs and investors that have gone through the Southeast Asian path and built an amazing ecosystem. The funds will also help us to invest in our online platform, and to invest in amazing people that share our same mission and vision. And more importantly, through combining the Chinese and Southeast Asian ecosystems, learning from some of the best entrepreneurs and investors in the world, we strongly believe that we can contribute to the growth of Southeast Asia, and the building of the Southeast Asian tech ecosystem, which is what we have always wanted to do since the founding of this company”, said Mohan Belani, according to yourstory.com report.

Know all about the tech industry on e27
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