Machine learning, for an intelligent technology

Machine learning is an emerging subfield of computer science in the current era. These days it can be used to identify important insights in data, and prevent fraud in different private and government sector. It is a fast-growing trend in the health care industry also. There are some platforms that are working for the development of machine learning based application and Neuron is one of the known names in this field these days.

About the company

Neuron is, Delhi-based, machine learning platform. It was founded by Veer Mishra and Aaditya Kakde, in November 2014. It is a natural language processing platform. The platform provides API to developers, marketeers, organization, CEO, anyone who needs to learn about the deep insights of any kind of textual data. They have four different API works on various aspects of Natural Language Processing currently. The platform uses Machine Learning to build its technology. It has also launched its SaaS platform for developers around the globe.


In July 2016, Neuron has raised an angel funding of $200,000. The round was led by Harvinder Singh Bhatia, CFO Netmagic & Founder of Radiowala and Vinners group of angels. “Neuron is a Natural Language Processing platform that provides API’s that help analyse the overall sentiment of a statement, extract the most significant word in a document, help know the similarity/relatedness of two statements, understanding the context of documents and categorizing into topics. We already have around 200+ developers across the globe who are testing our Beta Platform and it should scale up to 1000+ in next couple of months. Building a developer platform allows us to power the creativity,” said Veer Mishra. The startup was  incubated by TLABS and had also raised a small seed round from them.


Crayon Data, Brain A, Flutura, Dataweave, Fractal Analytics, Formcept are some startups in the same segment that can be contenders for Neuron.

Future Plans

 The company plans to use the funds for expansion of their team. They will hire more people and best talent for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Apart from it, they will use the funds for its R&D in machine learning. They also want to focus on natural language processing to develop deep learning models with the best accuracy. According to indiaspark.com report, Veer Mishra said, “We believe  that  India is  a  growing market , and people  have a  huge requirement  of  Machine Intelligence and  NLP  for their  software and  services as  it helps  them extract  insights of  their data hence the user behaviour. Automation is becoming a part of almost everything now”.

Machine learning, for an intelligent technology
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