Sugar and spice and everything nice at Petoo

When you are hungry, you just want to eat something nice as soon as possible. You neither want to cook nor you want to keep on waiting for the delivery person to come. You always want somebody to provide you the fresh and tasty food in just  few minutes. If you are struggling hard for this, Petoo is here to ease your hunger problem. You can order your food here and in just 10-15 minutes your order is in front of you.

 About Petoo

Petoo is an online food delivery platform. It is a Bangalore-based startup founded by Ritesh Dwivedy, Abhishek Mandal and, Kumar Setu in 2015. The startup is operated by operated by Kinematic Foodtech Pvt. Ltd. It provides local and tasty Indian cuisine. It maintains the consistency of taste and hygiene and always deliver the best and fresh food. According to techcircle.vccircle.com report, Kumar Setu, Co-founder of Petoo said, “Food gets spoiled because of the bacterial growth inside and the standard process to avoid this is to use refrigeration like cold vans. We did not want to take the route because the supply chain is in a bad condition in India and the cost of maintaining such a system is very high. Therefore, we were working on some innovative solutions to figure out how we can avoid bacterial growth inside food. After a year of research, we have identified a cooking method that kills bacteria inside food and prevents any further bacteria from entering into the package. The method thus makes the food completely sanitised and will help food remain stable for months.”


The startup has recently raised $500,000 from its existing investors and high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) through online deal-making platform LetsVenture, in August 2016. Also, in April this year, the company had raised $1,000,000 from SD Shibulal and Kris GopalaKrishnan, co-founders of Infosys. Others who participated in the funding round were former Infosys board member Srinath Batni, Tarun Khanna, Harvard Business School professor, and Ganapathy Venugopal, former Infosys head of strategy.


Bundl Technologies Private Limited, Holachef Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. and FoodVista India Private Limited are some of the Petoo’s competitors.

Future Plans

The food-tech  company will use the fund for its food research initiatives. They also plan to come up with their new products in the market. They also plan to reach more locations for the delivery. Currently, they are touching around 11 locations in Bangalore.

Sugar and spice and everything nice at Petoo
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