Zipgrid: Making societies a better place to live in

It’s important to be a well-managed housing society. This is the place where you live. Zipgrid is one platform that can let you discover the joys of everyday living.

About the company

Zipgrid is a community services platform. In August 2013, the company was co-founded by Jaydip Popat, formerly with Firstsource Solutions, and Kunal Gupta, formerly working with Mapletree Investments. Based in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, the platform provides technology-driven services to housing and commercial communities. The company offers services including accounting, finance, compliance and control management solutions. Through its commerce solutions, the platform basically aims to optimise cost. Currently, they are a  team of around 60 people and claims to provide services to more than 70 housing communities. They ensure peace of mind for homeowners and community associations and help to make societies a better place to live in.


Zipgrid has raised $200,000 in equity financing from 1Crowd, a crowdfunding ecosystem for startups. “Around 72% of consuming households in India reside in top 49 urban agglomerations and two-thirds of these households are part of organised housing communities. We are preparing ourselves to take on the untapped opportunity of collective consumption at the gates of these communities by creating value for stakeholders,” said Kunal Gupta,  in a report. Recently it has invested in a Mumbai-based, Online tutoring service provider portal, Genext students and Proximiti, a technology and analytics-based startup. “ZIPGRID brings innovation, professionalism, organisation and efficiency using technology and knowledge to an orphaned sector otherwise plagued by apathy. Our philosophy at 1Crowd is to foster an ecosystem from incubation to success and invest in innovative startups that seek to solve real problems bringing improvement, convenience, and efficiency to our daily lives. We are sector agnostic and work with both B2C and B2B startups. ZIPGRID has greatly benefited from our wide investor base and our strategic engagement,” said Natasha Kothari, co-founder of 1Crowd, reports In September 2015, 1Crowd was founded by Anil Gudibande, Amit Ratanpal, Natasha Kothari, and Anup Kuruvilla. All the four people are former bank executives.

Future Plans

The company will the funds for expansion of their team. They will also focus on strengthening of technology and operations. Kunal Gupta said, “We are preparing ourselves to take on the immense untapped opportunity of collective consumption at the gates of communities by creating value for all stakeholders involved. Partnering with 1Crowd has brought us a few steps closer to our mission,” reports

Zipgrid: Making societies a better place to live in
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