The Next Big Thing: Business trends shaping the future

The growth of internet has opened huge opportunities for entrepreneurs and thus for the vendors associated with them in different sectors in India. Increasing Internet penetration and the availability of more payment options have opened the global market for Indian entrepreneurs, especially the SMEs who had been focusing only on domestic trade. Even entrepreneurs based out of small cities can think of tapping these opportunities and go global. All they need is to put everything on the cloud and they are good to go. This is what the next big thing we can witness in our economy. With a presence of many big players in these industries a number of startups have been entering into this space in last 2-3 years. Therefore, in the coming years, it is the startups that will drive the success in every sector.

With a boom in startup environment in India, many new business concepts are mushrooming in the minds of entrepreneurs. They come up with lot of business ideas that are feasible and creating a great value to the business as well as to the customers and ultimate consumers. Focusing on these concepts, Technology Issue Summit- 2016, had staged a discussion forum where many CEOs put their thoughts on the topic “Next Big Thing-Business trends shaping the future”.

Technology Issue Summit- 2016, a two-days event, was organized by Onionfans, Cyber Carrier, Technology Issue Magazine, and Xpressn Labs with an aim to provide a common platform for startups and investors to meet and greet with each other. The first day was planned to stage the different conclaves for CEOs, Investors, and fintech experts and the day two was entirely dedicated for the demo sessions by startups in front of investors from India and China.

The CEO Conclave was participated by Ravi Guruaj, Founder & CEO at Qikpod, Mr. Bruce, Co-founder at, Netmeds, Rohith Bhat, CEO at 99 Games, and Dilip Vamanan, CTO at Adcamie. In the 30-minute discussion, Ravi played the role of moderator for the conclave. The panel discussed about all prevailing trends in the modern business. The dynamic nature of business is shaping our present with lot of offers made by the different industries. Fintech, logistic, gaming, online medicine, P2P lending, e-commerce, online food, are few among many sectors that create a great value in the economy. The companies in these industries have even got success in bringing awareness among the customers and consumer groups. The panel opined that consumers are more aware of the products and services available to them online and offline. The speed of delivery of products, durability, quality and other aspects are also having a great impact on consumers’ minds. These modern trends will have a great impact in shaping the future.

The panel also discussed about other modern businesses with respect to shaping the future including Big data and data analytics, Cyber security, Mobile E-commerce, Semiconductors, Shared economy, Transparency data security, Cultural diversity, Smartphone generation, Applied retail and the digital queue, Streamlined feedback, Socialized rewards, Per-to-Peer luxury, Recognition purchasing, Curated Dining, Assisted entrepreneurship and automated creations.

The Next Big Thing: Business trends shaping the future
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