MuhurtMaza: A one stop shop for all your puja (ritual) needs

India is known for its culture and rituals. Every religion has its own ritual to please Gods. To perform these rituals one has to arrange for a priest and gather all required things (things required to perform the rituals). In villages and small cities, it is not such a difficult task to find the priest. But when we think about the metro cities or big cities, it is little difficult as everyone is engaged with their jobs to earn their daily bread. Targeting this need of the city dwellers, especially the out of towners, Sughosh Sowale and Nilesh Gudhe chalked out a business plan, MuhurtMaza, to serve this very need of the society.

MuhurtMaza is a first-of-its-kind initiative to deliver the complete package of Puja/Vidhi/Yagya/Shanti with samagri, supported by trusted Gurujis, right at your doorstep. Forget the time-consuming planning and shopping for your Pujas and other traditions, hunting for the right Guruji, just book the entire package with a single click. Muhurtmaza provides all kinds of Puja listings, samagri essentials and of course, authentic and learned Guruji (priest) for about a 140+ varieties of ‘Vidhis’ under 6 different categories. Be it a ‘Maharudra’ or ‘Satyanarayan Puja’, Muhurtmaza has a package for all rituals.

Muhurtmaza allows customers to book a priest online, depending on what specific ritual they would like to conduct, as well as the things (samagri) required to conduct the ritual. Muhurtmaza currently operates in Pune, Bengaluru and Hyderabad among a few other cities, and will focus on increasing consumer awareness and strengthening its supply chain over the next few months.

Set up in Pune in late 2014, Muhurtmaza has tied up with a few builders on their upcoming projects. These builders hand over a Muhurtmaza discount coupon while giving possession of the flat to the new home owners, and quite a few of these people have used Muhurtmaza to conduct the housewarming puja. The startup is targeting people living on the outskirts and newer residential areas where most of the demand was coming from, given that they typically were out of towners and didn’t have a family priest to conduct these rituals.

Recently, Muhurtmaza has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from a US based HNI investor, which will be used towards scaling up its presence and promotional activities. The founder and CEO of Muhurtmaza, Sughosh Sowale said that, “We currently have 300 pandits on our platform and the plan is to scale this up to 600 by January.” He added that they were the first company in this space to have received funding so far. According to various estimates, this market segment is pegged at about $30 billion and is almost entirely unorganized. Startups like this function as a marketplace, connecting customers to priests and pandits depending on the kind of ritual that needs to be performed.

MuhurtMaza: A one stop shop for all your puja (ritual) needs
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