WorldArtCommunity: Bridging the gap between artists and their appreciators

The art scene used to be dominated by brick-and-mortar art galleries who charged hefty fees and attracted the high and mighty who bought expensive art from a select group of artists. Not anymore! Multiple online “art galleries” are challenging the physical galleries by democratizing the ecosystem as a new breed of artists in India work towards creating a multi-billion dollar arts industry that is more affordable and accessible. WorldArtCommunity is one among them which is aimed to bridge the gap between artists and their appreciators.

WorldArtCommunity is a peer to peer marketplace for artistic creations across a wide range of mediums and materials. Owned and operated by Inventive Business Promotions Pvt. Ltd, the startup was launched in December 2014 by IIT alumnus Shobhit Arora, who previously worked with GE and Standard Chartered Bank. The startup enables artists, crafts persons and designers to create their own online stores and sell their creations. Within three months, it has over 150-partner artists and designers on board with over 2,000 unique creations. WAC charges 10% commission on every transaction through its platform and website includes 8 categories such as painting, photography, drawing & illustration, pottery, apparel and accessories.

WorldArtCommunity is a forum where artists and designers showcase their work for direct purchase by clients who would otherwise never encounter their creations. The website spans across multiple categories, including paintings, photography, drawings and illustrations, sculpture, pottery, designer apparel, accessories and home décor.

At WorldArtCommunity, the team believes that a thirst for artistic beauty and design is central to being human, yet it frequently does not find fulfilment in their lives. This is what WorldArtCommunity enables: it connects appreciators of art and design with creators of uniquely designed or handmade works that, it hopes, will enrich your living spaces and enlarge your sense of beauty and joy.

Recently, the Gurgaon-based online platform World Art Community, has secured a second round of funding of $2,00,000 from existing investors and more. Prior to this the startup had raised $2,00,000 from serial entrepreneur and angel investor Viraj Tyagi and another unidentified investor in May 2015. With this fresh round of funds, the company is looking to automate its online platform and expand to new cities across India as well as globally.

“Since the last round (of funding), we’ve grown multiple times. From 200 sellers last year, we have over 3,000 registered sellers now,” said Shobhit Arora, Founder & CEO, Arora added that the money would be used to multiply the existing module and to build the technology platform further to get ready to enter the international market. The company is looking for breakeven and move towards self-sufficiency in the next 12 months.


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