Findmeashoe.com helps you find perfectly fitting shoes as never before!


How many of us have not faced the problem of misfits while buying shoes? Of course, we all have faced this common problem. The poor fit of shoes sent three engineers – Shabari Raje, Anand Ganesan and Mukul Kelkar – on a sole-searching mission around the world. Years of academic research has led findmeashoe.com to addressing this inevitable complication that accompanies online shopping. The team at findmeashoe uses unprecedented cutting-edge image processing technology to give you the world’s first virtual trial shopping. their passion for this unparalleled technology blended with their love and passion for shoes gives you findmeashoe.com.

Findmeashoe.com is a footwear recommendation portal that aims to improve shopping efficiency and experience of footwear shoppers. They help consumers find the right fitting footwear in seconds using their proprietary algorithm. Consumers can register by creating a digital foot profile as a onetime activity. Once on board, the end user can try footwear models virtually using their fitting service at findmeashoe.com as well as with their partnering retailers. At Findmeshoe the team understands that when the shoe fits, everything else falls in place too.

The team has developed mobile-based image processing and 3D scanning technologies to create a 3D model of your feet and the footwear. The fit is determined based on not just a simple match but using a proprietary algorithm to evaluate which parameters determine a user’s comfort level with a shoe. For example, a running shoe may need to feel roomy while a dress shoe may be better with a snug fit. The company has a database of shoe models from popular brands and a simple scanner-based solution to expand the database. The fitting service is available through a click of a button at e-commerce portals that have tied up with the company.

A user shopping for a shoe at the site will have to provide size details. One simple way is to capture a few pictures of her foot on the mobile and upload it. The service will then graphically show how the shoe model you are interested in would fit. It will also recommend a suitable shoe size for the model – helping reduce shoe returns when shopping online. Your data will be stored on the cloud and can be linked to your email. This way, your size data can be retrieved anytime. Gifting a shoe, a near impossible task due to fit issues, can be a breeze now. Just enter your friend’s email ID and the service will find a fit.

Recently, the startup has secured $1.5 million from Ventureast and other investors.

Findmeashoe.com helps you find perfectly fitting shoes as never before!
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