GTT gets hold of Hibernia network to generate influential global network

Acquisition of Hibernia network by GTT generates a prevailing global network

service provider which wholly focuses on giving out its clients with market

foremost low latency connectivity, video transport, and cloud networking

solutions. Hibernia network and GTT contribute to parallel values by generating

chief emphasis on speed and suppleness and serving with new inventive and

differentiated solutions. This acquisition will accelerate GTTs growth by expanding

the portfolio of cloud networking services and significantly increasing the scope

and power of the global network.

Funding of GTT

According to the agreement terms and conditions, GTT will pay 175 million dollars

for the acquisition. GTT has been engaged with Key Bank national association and

sun trust Robinson Humphrey to provide funds for the transaction. Financing is

expected to consist of new 400 million dollar term loan and 50 million dollars

revolving credit facility which will totally replace GTTs current credit facilities and

fund the acquisition.

Future plans of GTT

GTT a fast growing telecom company planned to buy Hibernia network and also

aims to sell more services through the channel. GTT has a very straightforward

approach to services it sells. It does not provide cloud services but cloud

networking to all by selling dedicated internet access voice services, wide area

networking connections and SIP trunking to large enterprises, government and

other service providers.

About GTT

GTT offer the better way to reach the cloud through its suite of networking

services which include wide area network. It offers an outstanding client

experience by living its core values of speed and agility. The decision of GTT to

acquire Hibernia network adds breadth and depth and expands GTT’s cloud

networking portfolio which includes wide area network, voice services, and CDN

services. It also enhances GTTs financial profile.

GTT gets hold of Hibernia network to generate influential global network
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