BuzzFeed- a vast global network creating content for global audience

Buzzfeed has raised 50 million dollars from venture capital firm and the site was

reportedly valued at around 850 million dollars by Andreessen Horowitz. It

generates its advertising revenue that matches its own editorial content and also

utilizes its familiarity with social media to focus on its target through other

channels. In October 2016 BuzzFeed raised 200 million dollars from Comcast's TV

and NBC Universal at a valuation of approximately 1.7 billion dollars. The site is

just raised a 19.3m dollar in a fourth funding round.

BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti explain that news might not be as big a business

is but it is the best and foremost way to have a big and long-lasting impact on the

world. Founded in 2006 it totally focuses on tracking viral content.

Future plans

BuzzFeed will debut its news app and will provide mobile news to its customers,

this app is developed under the leadership of Stacy Marie hired away from

financial times to put it together. It will also continue its international expansion

by covering the news in other countries and will becoming a journalistic player. It

will station its tank on the lawn of mail online and will nimble its approach to

international expansion.

About Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is the irreverent US news and entertainment website and is said to be

one of the fastest growing on the internet. Firm portray itself as a “news and

entertainment company”. Fast company declared BuzzFeed as a most innovative

company of the year 2016 as it gets 5 billion monthly views all over. We can say

that BuzzFeed is a brainchild of founder Jonah Peretti and profile itself as a social

news organization. It is a solution to many problems of display advertising and

also allows monetizing their network by creating engaging content on behalf of


Source: www.usatoday.com

BuzzFeed- a vast global network creating content for global audience
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