Prevalent networks-managing risk in an outsourced world

Prevalent is a security firm that manages data risk and has closed on 60 million

dollars in series funding led by insight partner venture which is a private equity and

venture capital firm. It is said that new funding will be used to expand its strategy

all over the globe and for product development. Prevalent networks claim that

more than two lakh vendors use its product to manage their third party risk. It has

two main investors they are Fulcrum equity partners and spring mountain capital.

Future plans

Prevalent networks had led the way in developing a platform to reduce cost, risk

and to achieve real-time risk visibility to reduce external risk putting pressure on

the business. More than two lakh vendors have being monitored and managed by

prevalent network synapse and organizations can quickly start the third party risk

program gain instant visibility into vendor community. According to prevalent, its

customers realize a trice improvement in the number of third-party assessments

they are able to perform and also reducing the cost of operation in all.

About prevalent networks

Prevalent networks offer compliance and security related consulting, software

and services in the United States. Its sales people are certified fully on the entire

Symantec portfolio and its every engineer hold at least one semantic technical

certification. Prevalent has developed three software and services packages

which are totally based on Symantec solutions and to meet market needs and

demand for compliance, policy management, and endpoint protection. It is mainly

a vendor risk and cyber threat intelligence innovator with a reputation for

developing cutting-edge technologies and very highly automated services that are

proved to assist organizations and reduce monitor and manage security threats

and risks associated with it.

Prevalent networks-managing risk in an outsourced world
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