Aye finance- developing right set of capabilities by using innovative methods

AYE Finance has landed 10.3 million dollars in new funding of its own existing

investors Accion and SAIF Partners. Founder Sanjay Sharma said of the challenge

that “How do a business owner overwrite when they don’t have documents that

classic finance companies used to see, as they do not maintain tax returns”. He

also explained that “we understand dynamics of every industry, and utilize eight

indicators to accomplish”. Mr. Sharma, founder of AYE Company is focusing on a

subsequent round of funding in successive months and which will definitely help

the company to move into different kinds of financing products for the


Future plans

As per the co-founder Sanjay Sharma, the firm plans to aim at western and

southern markets for expansion. He also says that “we would be investing in

spreading the networks all over and will also work on the e-CRM system which

will in future work like a workflow. Aye Company is also planning to endow a

fraction of the funding in setting up of the data warehouse, data methodology

and testing of the models. The company also claims to have an NPA rate below

one percent with ninety-day delinquency to give the perspective, housing finance

companies. According to the investor Accion, “Aye Finance is one of the exciting

companies of global investment which focuses on using inventive underwriting

and acquisition means to serve micro enterprises.

About AYE Finance

Founded in 1993, AYE Finance is a nonbanking financial company provide loans to

microenterprises with the investment in plants and machinery, it is a Delhi based

company. Each industry has a need and a challenge and Aye Finance delivers

deeper insights to various industries. This company has the mission to offer

innovative and customer centered financial services to small businesses through

the knowledgeable team, robust processes, and effective technology.

Source: www.techcrunch.com

Aye finance- developing right set of capabilities by using innovative methods
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