Getting hold of PMall.com for 190 million dollars

Purchase of Personalizationmall.com will definitely help out the band to increase

into modified products and also in several other ways. Bed, bath and beyond

observe a chance to sell out items to commemorate events like birthdays,

weddings and coming holidays. This deal follows bed, beyond and bath 11.8

million dollars acquisition of online retailer one king's lane earlier in this year. Bed

Bath and Beyond funded the acquisition transaction using cash on hand and

expect the transaction to be somewhat accretive to its net earnings. Sachs

Company and Goldman are the financial mentors of Bed Bath and beyond.

Future plans

With the acquisition of PMall, the company will expand its existing assortments in

the growing product personalization and will bring a complementary portfolio of

the various varieties of products. The chief dictum and task of the corporation

after this big the acquisition of personalisationmall.com is to do supplementary

for its patrons and to be viewed as the expert for home and will try to become the

destination for customers wants and needs. According to Steven H. Temares, who

is the CEO and member of the board of directors “Our Company is delighted to

greet the obtained company personalization mall as it has goodwill and company

has also constructed an amazing business and we are eager to prop up them

which will help for the mounting of product personalization”.

About Personalizationmall.com

Personalizatuionmall.com was founded in 1998 with a goal to serve its customers

by offering them the service of buying personalized gift easily and quickly. Its

preview technology allows the customers to see what the gift will look like before

buying it. It shows you the way to find a unique personalize gift which makes you

feel good to give and feel someone special who receive it.

Getting hold of PMall.com for 190 million dollars
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